IZ*ONE’s Jo Yu-ri: Profile, Fun Facts, Produce 48, Voting Controversy, etc


The Husky Jazzy Voice Idol—Jo Yu-ri!

After debuting in 2018, South Korean slash Japanese girl group IZ*ONE is still considered to be one of the hottest K-pop girl groups. This vocal group that was formed through the 2018 Mnet survival show Produce 48, has managed in giving birth to new K-pop idols, and IT girls. Out of the 12 talented members of IZ*ONE, fans have been increasingly falling in love with the main vocal of the group, Jo Yu-ri. Not only because of her visual appearance that is cute and often compared to Produce 101 Season 1 cutie Choi Yoo-jung, but Yu-ri also has a distinctive voice that differentiates her from other talents. Her husky and jazzy voice has managed to attract the attention of National Producer since Day 1.

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Full Profile of IZ*ONE’s Jo Yu-ri

  • Stage Name: Yuri (유리)
  • Birth Name: Jo Yuri (조유리)
  • Position in IZ*ONE: Main Vocalist
  • Birthday: October 22nd, 2001
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Height: 160 cm (5’3”)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Instagram: @zo_glass


IZ*ONE’s Jo Yu-ri’s Fun Facts

  • She was born in Seoul, South Korea
  • She came from Busan and sometimes speak in dialect
  • She underwent training at Stone Music Entertainment for nine months
  • She can play drums, piano, and guitar
  • In the final round of Mnet’s Produce 48, Jo Yu Ri was ranked 3rd with a vote of 294,734
  • Her husky voice is her specialty
  • Orange is her official color
  • Her role model is 15&’s former member turned solo artist, Baek Ye-rin
  • She is a mystery enthusiast and she reads mystery novels
  • She has dogs and cats in her main house in Busan
  • It is known that she moved to Seoul after her Mnet’s Idol School appearance, but it was found that she later dropped out
  • She has a 4-year gap with her younger sister
  • She expressed that she would like to go to Japan and the United States
  • She doesn’t like coffee
  • Her favorite color is light pink
  • Her favorite food is boneless chicken feet, seasoned chicken, and pork soup
  • It is said that she has been wearing hair extensions for a long time
  • She was a contestant of Idol School, which also aired on Mnet (2017), and finished in the 15th place
  • In Mnet’s Idol School, she drew the fans’ attention with her resemblance with I.O.I’s Yoo-jung
  • While still a contestant of Idol School, Yuri once explained that the point of charm in her is on her lips
  • While taking selfies, she always plays with her lips, either purring her teeth or showing her teeth
  • She rarely takes selfies compared to other members
  • She actually hates insects
  • She is an ice cream lover and her favorite flavor is cotton candy
  • Many fans say that she looks like IZ*ONE’s Chaewon due to a similar hairstyle
  • Her ideal type is a polite man

IZ*ONE’s Jo Yuri’s Pre-debut and Appearance in Idol School


Before becoming a K-pop trainee, Jo Yu-ri was an ordinary student who majored in piano until the age of 13, but she said she changed her goal to a singer at the age of 14. She tried to participate in the 13th JYP public recruitment, but unfortunately, she did not pass the preliminary round.

She finally made her first public appearance through Mnet’s survival program Idol School aired from July 13th, 2017, to September 29th, 2017. The show’s aim was to form a 9-member girl group out of 41 female participants.


When she joined the audition, Yu-ri was only 16 years old, which was still relatively young. She became a hot topic as she was said to resemble I.O.I/Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-jung. Because of this, many people noticed and became her fans on the show although there were people who did not like it, saying that she acted cutely to imitate Yoo-jung.

She started to capture the judges’ attention as she showed off her dance skills in the scene of selecting a member of Dance Break in the second episode. When she was first pointed out, she was very embarrassed, but as soon as she came forward, she performed a splendid dance. Although she ended up not getting the part, she still did a good job from the performance onwards.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance to debut with the show’s project girl group, Fromis_9, as she finished at rank 15. But even up until now, she is still maintaining her friendship with other Fromis_9 members such as Roh Ji-sun, Song Ha-young, Lee Sae-rom, and Lee Chae-young.