Are IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Dating? Here Is What You Have To Know About Their Relationship!

sunghoon and wonyoung

IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Received Much Praise for Their Chemistry

Jang Won-young of IVE and Park Sung-hoon of ENHYPEN have appeared together as MCs for KBS’ Music Bank. Despite being connected for the first time, Wonyoung and Sunghoon worked together very well and even successfully made fans’ hearts flutter every time they saw the couple together in the TV show.

However, is their chemistry also continuing to real life, or is it just staying on the screen? Moreover, are you curious about further details of IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon’s relationship? In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you about that, so keep on reading!

IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon’s Relationship

Jang Won-young is well-known after her debut with a girl group named IZ*ONE. After the group disbanded, she continued her career in the music industry by re-debuting as a member of IVE, a rookie girl group under Starship Entertainment that successfully gained a lot of attention since its first debut in late 2021.

On the other hand, Park Sung-hoon, also well-known as Sunghoon, is a member of ENHYPEN, a boy group under Belift Lab that debuted in 2020. ENHYPEN itself was created from the famous survival show named I-LAND.

Both Wonyoung and Sunghoon are famous within their groups until they were united in the same project. Due to that, many fans started to pay attention to their relationship and their interactions together. It even also led to Wonyoung and Sunghoon being linked in a dating rumor.

IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon as MCs, Winning the Best Couple Award, and Other Moments

Wonyoung and Sunghoon met for the first time when they were appointed as the new MCs (hosts) for KBS’ Music Bank in October 2021 to replace the former MCs, TXT’s Soobin and Oh My Girl’s Arin. After the announcement, both Wonyoung and Sunghoon practiced very hard to present the best performances as MCs.

While becoming the hosts of Music Bank, both Wonyoung and Sunghoon had such great chemistry. They looked very comfortable with each other. Not only that but the fans were also in love with their appearances together.

One of the memorable moments between them occurred through a special stage when Wonyoung and Sunghoon made a performance collaboration of BTS’ song “Butter.” They made a harmonizing performance with a matching couple’s outfit!

Some thought that Wonyoung and Sunghoon delivered such a luxurious atmosphere, and they even looked like the prince and princess of a fairytale due to their perfect visuals.

Their amazing project also led them to win the Best Couple Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards! The trophy was also a representative of Wonyoung and Sunghoon’s amazing chemistry while appearing as Music Bank‘s MCs together.

Is It True That They Were Dating?

Many fans have admired how Wonyoung and Sunghoon could become immersed in their roles as MCs very well. They portrayed such lovely and warm chemistry, and even their interactions behind the scenes were adorable as well. No wonder people started to link them and think that they might be a cute couple in real life.

However, Wonyoung and Sunghoon are just friends and great co-workers for each other. Both their agencies also released a statement regarding that matter which made some of their shippers quite disappointed since they desired Wonyoung and Sunghoon to date in real life.

Although the dating rumor was spread all over the Internet, it wasn’t true at all. Both Wonyoung and Sunghoon remain friends and keep a good relationship between themselves.

What Fans Have Said About Wonyoung and Sunghoon’s Relationship

Many fans are fond of the interactions and closeness between IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon. They indeed had the desire to see Wonyoung and Sunghoon be a real couple in real life!

“Their chemistry is top-notch”

“They are really so cute”

“I love them so much”

“They are like a princess and prince”

“How can they have such a high-class atmosphere?”

“These two growing together and making a good chemistry and bond”

“MC Sunghoon and MC Wonyoung dancing to “Butter!” Their live vocals and chemistry- I’m speechless!”

IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon’s Ideal Types

Since Wonyoung and Sunghoon aren’t dating, people are curious about their ideal types. In short, some of Wonyoung and Sunghoon’s shippers are trying to match their ideal types respectively.

For Wonyoung, she once spoke about her ideal type. She likes a guy who is taller than her, and someone who likes sports. If she could choose, she would like to date a soccer player. On the other hand, Wonyoung also likes someone who is caring, is an animal lover, and who enjoys spending time in nature rather than in the city.

Meanwhile, Sunghoon once mentioned that his ideal type was Red Velvet’s Irene. Furthermore, Sunghoon likes someone who can open up to him and prioritize him as well. He also wants endless loyalty from someone dating him.

Despite the dating rumor, we must agree that Wonyoung and Sunghoon successfully brought great chemistry as Music Bank‘s MCs! Do you also think that Wonyoung and Sunghoon look good together? Leave a comment regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!