IVE’s Leader: Check Out How Yujin Handles The Group

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The Young and Charismatic Leader of IVE Will Makes You Think Unbelievable!

Yujin is a South Korean singer and member of the girl group, IVE who debuted in 2021. She is the vocalist and also the leader of the group. Yujin has stolen many people’s attention since she has been popular in various entertainment events before debuting with IVE.

Yujin is part of the survival show, Produce 48, then won the debut line as the fifth rank. She becomes a member of IZ*ONE for two years, active as a brand model, MC in music shows, and many more. Her experience in the entertainment industry started when she’s become a trainee of Starship Entertainment in middle school. Check out more about how Yujin manages the group, IVE, as a leader on this Channel-Korea, below! Stay reading!

How Yujin Handles The IVE Members Well Treated

ive leader

Ahn Yujin has adorable bunny teeth that make her interesting and different. Yujin has been appointed as a leader of IVE although she’s not the older member.

She has delivered good leadership ever since becoming part of IVE. Yujin could handle the group which consist of Wonyoung, Gaeul, Leesoo, Liz, and Rei so well. Check how Yunjin’s action as a leader of IVE below!

Yujin Fixed The Group Choreography Without Judgment But Caring

In dance practice of IVE debut song, ELEVEN, it shows Yujin actively pay attention to every member’s move and trying to fix the choreography of members without any hesitation.

She could bring out her managing skill in between dance and singing when helping other members. She likes to speak out feedback without a lecturing vibe but gives a good example. Yujin shows her care for every member’s dance practice to better results in group performance.

Yujin Speak Heart to Heart to Members

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Yujin spoke openly that she first felt uncomfortable while being a leader despite of her younger age but also grateful for the presence of Gaeul as her older sister in the group.

Yujin could make a deep conversation with Gaeul about their worry before debuting as a member of IVE. Yujin could easily put her position as leader and friend with all of the members despite her age. So wise of Yujin!

Yujin Understands What Members Preferences Intuitively

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During the training and practicing, Yujin bravely opened the conversation with each member and understand their position. Rei, Leeso, Liz is practically much younger than her but she knows how to talk as a friend and leader in different situations. Yujin could understand and pick the right words for some events that happened in the group well. For example, she took care of Rei when she find out Rei is not feeling well in their practice.

What IVE’s Member Said About IVE’s Leader Yujin

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Liz expression about Yujin as a leader is so straightforward. Liz agreed she could keep following what she said without feeling judged.

Rei also said the same feeling about the leader, Yujin. She praises Yujin as a good dancer and a good leader. Yujin could give constructive feedback and be reliable to the group.

Gaeul, who is the older of the group, also spoke highest of Yujin, the leader. Gaeul could be better in way of dancing moves while Yujin gave her good feedback without being scared or hesitant since Gaeul is older than her. So as result, IVE brings perfect synchronization under the eye of Yujin.

It’s all about Yujin, the leader of IVE, and how she handles the group member perfectly! Keep supporting IVE and their music in the future. What do you like about Yujin? Put your comment below and share your thought on Twitter too.