Here’s a Compilation of IU’s Birthdays and How She Has Celebrated Them!

Talented Soloist With Bunch of Aegyo, IU

Lee Ji-eun, or as she’s more familiarly known, IU, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actress. IU started her career in entertainment industry at a young age. She was still in middle school when she auditioned for various agencies to become a singer. She finally signed a contract with Kakao M to be a trainee in 2007, and debuted when she was only 15! Her first album was titled Lost and Found. Now, IU has already released four studio albums and nine extended plays. She’s also gained a lot of fans from working as an actress in numerous hit dramas, such as Dream High (2011), The Producers (2015), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), and My Mister (2018).

When you look at her face, she still looks like a teenager, but in reality, she’s already 26! No wonder she’s been called the ‘Nation’s Sweetheart’. IU was born on May 16, 1993. Since she’s such a famous celebrity, her birthday every year must be very special for her, her relatives, and especially her fans.

Let’s see how she celebrated it through the years !

Compilation of IU’s Birthday Through the Years

22nd Birthday

That was the year that IU’s fans from Philippines makes a celebration video for her. Altough they’re quite far away from their idol, they still wanted to congratulate her through YouTube.

23th Birthday

Not sure if it counts as a celebration, exactly, but on her 23rd birthday IU released a song titled Twenty Three, which was about her inhibitions and vulnerabilities facing young adulthood. She’s showing more of a sexy and adult style in this music video, despite her cute image.

24th Birthday

That year, IU was shooting The Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo during her birthday. While in the middle of the shoot, IU got a surprise birthday celebration from the crew and cast, and a special greeting from her co-star Lee Joon-gi. Let’s take a look!

26th Birthday

At this time, IU held a Birthday mini fanmeeting in Singapore. She received a sweet cake from her fans. It seems like the fanmeeting going went well and increased the closeness between IU and her fans. Let’s see how well it went!

Compilation of IU’s Birthday Cake

Below is a fan’s video which compiles IU’s birthday cake celebrations from several years.


IU’s official instagram account is @dlwlrma with 7.6 million followers. Let’s see what she shared recently !

IU on her peaceful break.

IU’s Hong Kong TV section.

Still the footage of her vacation.

Take a minute to hear IU’s angelic voice!


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IU in Singapore.

Latest News

Attending Fan’s High School Graduation

At the fan meeting for the 10th Anniversary of her debut, a fan asked whether she could perform for her class through a ‘School Attack’ event, a music festival held at Kimjae Girls High School in North Jeolla Province. Due to her busy schedule and she couldn’t attend the festival, IU made sure to keep her promise by attending the fan’s graduation instead.

IU surprised the class of 2019 by stepping on the stage and giving some words.  “I thought about what could be a good graduation present, and I was told the meaning of freesia flowers is ‘I’m cheering on your beginning.’ To the graduating students of Kimjae Girls High School, you’re going to go out into society now. I came here to support your beginning at least a little bit.”

She also gave the fan who invited her a very special gift. The gift included her favorite scent for perfume and body lotion, along with a bouquet of flowers. What a lucky fan!

Giving TWICE Luxurious Gifts

In December, 2018, IU held a solo concert in Seoul, with TWICE as her guest. The solosist and the group are really supportive of each other, as the two influential female idols nowadays.

According to Nayeon, IU presented them with three items as a thank-you gift, there were two rings from Gucci and either an iPhone X or a pair of Chanel shoes. The members who already had iPhones could choose the Chanel shoes instead.

That was so expensive that people tried to find out the price for gifts. For each of the TWICE members, IU gave gifts worth about 2,000,000 KRW, totaling about 1,785 USD! Whoa, IU seemed like she really appreciated TWICE appearing as her guest.