Korean Soloist IU Full Profile (Facts, Age, Height, Weight, and Debut)


Who is IU? What is her fandom name, and when did she debut?

As most people already know, the Korean music industry is full of boy groups and girl groups but we seldom hear about solo artists because boy groups and girl groups dominate the music industry. Despite the little attention given to solo artists, there are some solo artists that made it through the ocean of boy groups and girl groups, with excellent talents in singing, dancing, and also have easy listening songs. One of those solo artists is IU!

IU made her debut as a solo singer in 2008. She signed a contract with LEON Entertainment in 2007 under the stage name IU and did her ten months of training before debuting. IU stands for I and You, trying to connect people with music. Before her debut, IU lived very hard as she did almost 20 auditions but failed. However, she didn’t stop there. Her life became even more complicated and hard as she got scammed by a fake entertainment company.

Even though IU started her career in 2008, her popularity started to rise a little later, in 2010 and 2011. IU started to collaborate with a few other singers like 2AM’s Im Seulong and Sung Si Kyung through some songs written by Kim Eana and composed by Lee Min Soo. They did well in the Music charts. IU hit her rise in popularity with the lead single “Good Day.” Until now, she remains one of the most popular female solo artists in the Korean Music Industry with a high amount of net worth too.

Let’s check out IU’s profile and facts!

Full profile of IU


Real Name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
Stage Name: IU (아이유) from the abbreviation I and yoU
Birthdate: Seoul, May 16th, 1993
Age: 27 years old
Zodiac: Taurus/Rooster (Chinese year)
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
High School: Dongduk Women’s High School
Twitter: @lily199iu
Instagram: @dlwldrma
Favorite Movie: Once
Favorite Book: Someday I Died
Favorite Colors: Yellow and red
Favorite Food: Goguma (sweet potato) and raw fish
Ideal Type: Big Bang’s Taeyang

Interesting facts about IU

  • Suzy, Jiyeon, and actress Yoo In Na are IU’s best friends.
  • IU is known for having a lot of older male fans.
  • IU likes cool weather but does not like being in crowded places since she tends to get dizzy.
  • The reason why she tried to audition at JYP was that she is a Kim Taewoo fan.
  • IU finally announced her fan club name in 2017. IU’s fandom name is UAENA. Her lightstick color is silver and white with her name in the middle part. 
  • IU finally made her debut in the movie industry in 2019 through the Netflix series Persona. It became the 6th most popular program on Netflix at the time.
  • IU continues her career as a movie actress through her 2nd movie with famous actor Park Seo Jun. The film is titled Dream and will air in 2021. 
  • IU worked with BTS’ Suga for her single “Eight” in May 2020. 
  • After a long time under LEON Entertainment, in early 2020, IU finally signed a contract with a new agency, namely EDAM Entertainment. 

IU’s Discography


IU has been releasing great songs that are doing very well on various charts. She is even considered as one of Korea’s digital monsters since every time she releases a song or album, it will be on the top of the charts.


  • Growing Up (2009)
  • Last Fantasy (2011)
  • Modern Times (2013)
  • Palette (2017)


  • Lost Child (2008)
  • Boo (2009)
  • You Know (Rock version) (2009)
  • Marshmallow (feat. Zico) (2009)
  • Nagging (feat. Seulong) (2010)
  • Good Day (2010)
  • Only I Didn’t Know (2011)
  • Ice Flower (feat. Kim Yuna) (2011)
  • You and I (2011)
  • Good Day (Japanese version) (2012)
  • Peach (2012)
  • Every End of the Day (2012)
  • You and I (Japanese version) (2012)
  • Beautiful Dancer (2013)
  • Monday Afternoon (Japanese single) (2013)
  • The Red Shoes (2013)
  • Friday (2013)
  • My Old Story (Jo Dukbae cover) (2014)
  • Twenty-Three (2015)
  • Through the Night (2017)
  • Can’t Love You Anymore (with Oh Hyuk) (2017)
  • Palette (feat. G-Dragon) (2017)
  • Autumn Morning (Yang Hee Eun cover) (2017)
  • Sleepless Rainy Night (Kim Gunmo cover) (2017)
  • Bbibbi (2018)
  • Love Poem (2019)
  • Blueming (2019)
  • First Winter (with Sung Si Kyung) (2019)
  • Eight (feat. Suga) (2020)