Did IU Have Plastic Surgery? Compare Before and After Photos


IU’s Plastic Surgery, Fact or Not?

Beauty standards are high in South Korea. Not only on body shape but also facial features, like eyes, nose, and jaws. The high standards have prompted many girls in Korea to undergo plastic surgery, including idols. Since they are the face of the nation, some of them “improve” their facial features to look better.

The Nation’s Little Sister, singer IU, is one of the idols reportedly undergoing plastic surgeries. The idol struck the nation’s heart with her sweet porcelain-doll image, as she was only 15 when she debuted. Naturally, her facial features were always on the watch. As she grew up, netizens claimed that she could have a couple of things done on her face. The now-24 year-old singer has bloomed into a woman, passing her puberty. Changes happen when puberty hits. Is the singer’s beauty from a successful puberty or is it plastic surgery?

Blossomed Flower: 15 and now

IU has been cute since her debut. At 15 years old, her sweet doll-like face stood out as well as her angelic voice. When she first debuted, her cheeks still had some baby fat that made young IU looked chubby – which is completely natural for a teenager. Her stage make-up at that time was also as subtle as possible since the skin of a girl her age was still so delicate. She was young but her natural beauty had been visible with her Korean features on her eyes and nose.


Years later, IU is still actively singing. Her style, though, has changed from the little sister image to a sophisticated woman. In her recent comeback, IU rocks a short bob, bidding goodbye to her long straight hair. Her facial features have also matured along with her growing up into a 24-year-old woman. Male fans go wild for her and female fans go just as wild. Her new image is stronger and bolder, supported by her beautiful facial features.


Unfortunately, not many people agree that her matured facial features are the result of puberty. Many assume that the singer may have done surgical alterations to her face.

Eye Surgery: Larger Look

The first feature that is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery is IU’s eyes. Young IU’s eyelids are not very visible. They are more mono than double. Her lower lids are slightly thick, covering the eyes more than the upper lids. On the other hand, older IU’s eyes are said to be larger than her young ones. The lower eyelids have presumably been decreased in order to give a more bright-face look. I personally think her monolids are still the same. However, people argue that she has had her monolids slightly lifted to show a bit of double eyelids.

Nose Surgery: Small to Pointy

Rhinoplasty is a common practice in South Korea; if IU does it, then it shouldn’t surprise many. Moreover, the singer has expressed her displeasure with how her nose looks, stating “I have a small and flat nose, and it’s always been a complex of mine”. However, she still paid the surgeon a visit only to get the news that her nose can only be “raised 1mm” due to her “thin skin”, so she stopped herself from doing it. Still, netizens seem to be pointing out that the nose surgery was done anyway since her nose does look more pointy than before and the bridge is more visible.

Jaw Surgery: Round to V-Line

Jaw surgery is an extreme practice but it needs to be done to obtain the V-line. Young IU used to look chubby with jaws that visibly form round corners on her face. On the other hand, older IU jaws are not as visible anymore and instead, her face possesses a V-line which she didn’t have before. Fans defended her by saying that it’s the magic of weight loss, but the rest believe that she underwent jaw surgery to create a more mature, rather than child-like, feature.

Before and After Comparison

Eyes: Before and After



Nose: Before and After


Jaw: Before and After


Puberty Or Surgery?

IU has been in the eyes of the public for more than five years. People saw her grow before their eyes from a chubby young girl to a sophisticated woman. It is not a surprise if people would recognize a change in her facial features. Note that each one of us will go through puberty and it can hit like a train. You can grow up looking better than you did when you were a kid. Maybe IU is one of those kids. Maybe she is not. Either way, the truth is something that we can only weight and assume through photo evidence. The subtle changes may even be the result of the lighting and the effect of her make-up. Even if she has had surgeries, it will not change the fact that IU is one talented singer whose beauty remains blossoming in our heart.