Let’s Check Out IU’s Appearance on ‘Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Season 1’

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On April 29, 2019, according to several sources in the entertainment industry, it was reported that Lee Hyori was preparing a new variety show with JTBC, to follow the successed of the Hyori’s Homestay program.

In the report, it was said that Lee Hyori had discussed the potential for the production of Hyori’s Homestay 3 with JTBC, but in the end they decided to launch a new variety show that was completely different from the previous one.

For now, there aren’t any clear details about this variety show program. This variety show is only explained as a program that will not only show the true color of Lee Hyori, but also the professional side of her life as a singer.

That was all for the information about IU’s appearances on jTBC’s Reality-Variety show starred by Lee Hyori and her husband. Don’t forget to give your thoughts on the comment below!