IU Diet Plan: The Secret Behind How IU Lost Her Weight

IU secret plan

IU’s Secret on Her Diet Plan

Nation little sister, IU, is a popular songwriter, singer and actress from South Korea. Other than her entertainment skills, her look and beauty are gaining public attention. Many people have guessed that she has been through plastic surgery to overcome her beauty but actually one of the secrets to her beauty is her diet plan. IU’s diet plan is quite popular among girls who want to lose their weight. From following her diet plan, many girls are dreaming to be slim but also cute and charming like IU. What is the secret to diet plan?

IU Before and After Diet Comparison

IU before after

Before we find out about her diet plan, we should know the reason behind it. On SBS Strong Heart, she shared her story about her first stage. Right after her debut, Lee Ji Eun who was later known as IU was once called a ‘pig’ because of her first stage appearance. Someone was yelling at her appearance and later people began to join in yelling at her. It happened because most K-Pop idol girl groups who succeed look slimmer than her. But after a few stages, she was stronger because she got a lot of support from her fans despite her appearance.

During her post-debut time, IU revealed on MBC TV’s “Quiz to Change the World” on the 2nd of April that she had lost 10 kg because of her busy schedule and other daily activities. It seemed that she worked very hard to look better than her debut stage.

There was also a video from her audition in JYP Entertainment that was quite controversial because of her chubby appearance at that time.

Here are IU photos before and after her diet.

iu before after
iu before after

IU’s Current Weight and Height

iu current body

Before her debut as singer, she was called fat because her appearance was over the female idol standard weight in the K-Pop industry. After her hard work dieting, she was far slimmer than before her debut. On SBS Strong Heart, IU revealed her body weight and height after her debut. Her current weight is 45kg while her height is 162cm. Her weight and height have remained stable until now.