IU’s Debut: Date, Songs, and Stage Performances


The Nation’s Sweetheart IU’s Debut Days

IU is known as the nation’s sweetheart, a singer who’s loved by everyone because of her sweet voice. But do you know what she had to go through to achieve the success she enjoys now? Do you remember what song she performed when she first made her debut? Let’s take a look at IU’s debut days!

IU’s Debut Date


Even though right now IU is a popular singer, it doesn’t mean that her path to success always went smoothly. Even before IU made her debut as a singer, she had to go through many hardships to get to where she is right now. IU comes from a poor family who had debts. In order to pay the debts, she lived separately from her parents and had no choice but to live with her grandmother and her brother.

While living together, the three had to live in a small house full of cockroaches before moving to their relative’s house. But it didn’t make the situation any better, because the relative often came home in a drunk state and abused them verbally with severe swearing. Even though she lived in a hard situation, she still dreamed of being a singer.

When she became a teenager, she became a trainee at a management agency. Unfortunately, she ended up being the victim of a con while auditioning. An agent told her to give him quite a large sum of money for training and for her to appear on television. However, after she gave him the money, she still didn’t make her debut, thus realizing that she had been conned.

After going through many hardships, she became a trainee under Kakao M (previously Loen Entertainment) and made her debut just 10 months after becoming a trainee. She made her first appearance by performing at Mnet’s music program M! Countdown on September 18th, 2008.

IU’s Debut Songs


IU had her stage debut by performing the lead single from her first extended play Lost and Found, which was the song titled “Lost Child.” The album was released on September 24th, 2008, which was six days after her stage debut. Unfortunately, her first album didn’t go well commercially. However, the album itself was awarded the Rookie of the Month award by South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism back in November 2008.

The album itself contained six tracks in total. Here is the tracklist of Lost and Found:

Title Music Lyrics Length
Ugly Duckling Choi Gap-won PJ 3:28
Lost Child Min Woong-shik, Lee Jong-hoon 3:42
You Know Seo Jeong-jin, Choi Gap-won Kim Se-jin, Seo Jeong-jin 3:21
Feel So Good Choi Gap-won PJ, Kim Young-hwan 4:03
Every Sweet Day Lee Seung-min Choi Gap-won 3:29
Lost Child (Inst.) Min Woong-shik, Lee Jong-hoon 3:42


You can watch the music video of IU’s “Lost Child” here:

IU’s Stage Debut


IU’s stage debut is her performance on Mnet’s music program M! Countdown in September 2008. At this time, she sang her first single “Lost Child” from her first extended play Lost and Found. Besides M! Countdown, she also performed on other music programs, such as Show Music Core, Inkigayo, and many others. But do you know the story behind her stage debut? Let’s take a look at it!

While performing on stage for the first time, IU had to endure insults from the crowd. In a broadcast of Strong Heart that was aired on December 27th, 2011, IU revealed that while she performed her debut stage, it was a day where a lot of boy groups performed and a lot of girls came to cheer them on. When IU performed her debut stage, these girls started to yell harsh things at her. Regarding this, IU said, “Once one person started, all of them began joining her.” She also added that at that time she still had a lot of baby fat on her face, which led the crowd to insult her and call her a ‘pig.’

But, even after going through these events, she didn’t falter or got discouraged. IU said, “After that incident, I’m not discouraged even if the audience is silent after my performance. I am strengthened by the quiet sound of cheers.” She also added that it was actually a benefit for her, because if her debut stage succeeded, she won’t be able to treasure her staff members and her popularity as much right now.

Here are a few videos of IU’s debut stage performances!


Just like other Korean artists, IU also loves to share how she spends her free time with her fans. Let’s check out her Instagram feed!


In this post, IU shared a photo of her while she was on a photo shoot for her Season’s Greetings. What do you think about her appearance on Season’s Greetings?


In this post, she promoted Sam Kim’s new album titled Sun and Moon that was released in November 2018. Do you want to listen to it?


In this post, she shared a video of her with her staff members behind the stage. She looks so happy together with them!


In this post, she promoted a song where she has a duet with Kim Dong-ryul titled “Donghwa.” Are you interested in listening to this song?


This time, she shared a photo of herself in a car. She looks so pretty and she is stunning!


In this post, she shared a photo of her behind the stage of her concert DLWLRMA that was held in Singapore. Do you want to watch her concert too?


This time, she posted a photo of her, together with her staff members again. Looks like she has a close relationship with her staff members!


This time, IU shared a photo of her behind the stage of her concert in Taipei. Don’t you think she looks stunning in her stage outfit?


In this post, she shared another photo from behind the stage of her concert in Taipei. Even though she can’t spend her Christmas in her hometown, it looks like she’s having a great time!


In this post, she shared a video of her performing the song “Marshmallow.” What do you think about this song?

If you want to see more of her posts, you can visit her Instagram account @dlwlrma!

Latest News


A few weeks ago, the children welfare agency Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation reported that IU has donated 100 million won to help children who are being raised by grandparents with their scholarship and living expenses. This is not the first time IU has donated for children in need in 2018, she also donated in February to Children’s Day in 2018. It is said that the total amount of donations IU has given is 320 million won.

Also, it was revealed that she paid tribute to the late SHINee member Jonghyun at her recent concert that was held on December 15th, in Singapore. She performed a song that was composed by Jonghyun titled “Gloomy Clock” and sang using a pearl aqua colored mic. Previously, she had sung this song together with Jonghyun, at his solo concert THE STORY by JONGHYUN, back in 2015.

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