Let’s Take A Look At IU’s CF Compilation That Will Make You Realize She Is An Actual Princess!


A Bunch of IU’s Goddess Compilation Through Several CFs!

Famously known as K-Pop singer, IU has other skills to become a model for several CFs. With her pure and innocent image, IU has been appeared through a lot of CFs since then and now. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details of that, so stay tuned!

Nongshim Slurp Noodles


First of all, IU appeared through Nongshim Slurp Noodles CF in 2012! It was an instant noodle product which also becoming popular in South Korea. IU was chosen as the model for Horuruk Kalguksu instant noodles lines series. The original CF of Nongshim Slurp Noodles was unique since it looked like a short movie concept. In the video, IU was looking cute and innocent while she was singing! There was a man who also amazed by IU’s performance, and both of them were ended up accidentally met in a small restaurant.

They were started to talking, and the man also offering her to eat noodles. Then IU was starting to ate happily while the man was also watching her when she ate the noodles! They were started to making a song together with the Nongshim Slurp Noodles as their ‘tiny’ friend! The way IU ate noodles in that CF also looking adorable, since IU also showed her cute and innocent image as well.



Samsung Wave CF


Still, in the same year of 2012, IU also appeared within Samsung Wave CF! She was appeared along with Siwan through several episodes of the CFs. Just like the Nongshim Slurp Noodles concept, it was also using the ‘short movie’ concept. Samsung Wave was a smartphone product, and IU was becoming the model for Samsung Wave 3 series. The CF also has shown IU and Siwan’s chemistry as well.

Siwan was secretly paying attention to IU, and it seemed like he was falling in love at first sight with her. However, they didn’t recognize each other well. But using the Samsung Wave 3 smartphone, it also made them found a way to knew each other better! With her natural makeup appearance and feminine style, which also made her look even more gorgeous!


Jeju Samdasoo Mineral Water


In 2020, IU appeared as Jeju Samdasoo Mineral Water model CF! It was a mineral water product, which also contained several benefits from natural ingredients. Through the CF, IU has narrated the main ingredients from the mineral water, which was Jeju’s volcanic rock.

With the natural environment as the background setting, IU was looking as fresh as the pure mineral water! She was looking effortlessly pure, which also matched with Jeju Samdasoo Mineral Water. Walking around and have a sight on Jeju’s volcanic rock, her charm was looking even real while she explained those benefits from Jeju Samdasoo Mineral Water!




As fresh as Jeju Samdasoo Mineral Water, and this time IU also brings another ‘freshness’ from her appearance as Chamisul model CF! Chamisul was one of the series from Jinro company, which also produced and sold liquor. And IU appeared together with Park Seo-Joon!
Both of them were looking matched within white outfits, and IU was show-off her natural beauty as ever! It all started with Park Seo-Joon’s offer to drank together while they were sat and enjoying beautiful views of Jeju Island. Then IU was suggested to drank ‘Chamisul,’ since each drop of the drink as clean as the air, and made from Korea’s only pure bamboo charcoal quadruple purified!


Ghana Chocolate


IU also was chosen as the new face of Lotte’s Ghana Chocolate in 2018! It was a snack product from Lotte, and they have decided to choose IU as their new face since IU also has shown an influence on females of their 20s as well. Moreover, IU also known as chocolate addicted!
IU was using the soft concept, which also shown her as a beautiful and elegant woman who loved to eat chocolate in any kind of condition. With pastel outfits and vintage background settings, IU was looking effortlessly flawless! When she read books, watering the plants, or even when she went outside! Ghana Chocolate has always accompanying here everywhere!