Let’s Take A Look At IU’s CF Compilation That Will Make You Realize She Is An Actual Princess!

Samsung Card


Another Samsung CF from IU! This time, she was selected as Samsung Card’s new face and promoting their Samsung Card series as well. Through the CF, she was appeared with a fun and happy image, and also shown her ‘family-girl’ vibes! Samsung Card was an app from Samsung company that also provides several services such as Baby Story, Kids Ponder, AZ Pet, and many more. IU was also inviting people from several ages to gain strength by gathering together along with Samsung Card!




IU’s charm might be a proper medicine for her fans, and it also is proven through her appearance as Gnal-N CF! It was a medicine product from Kyungdong Pharmaceutical company in South Korea, which also has a function to relieve pain such as headache, muscle aches, and any other kind of pain. With a bright and neat white concept, Gnal-N was featured IU within their CF! IU also explained the function of the product while reminding us to always take care of our health!





IU was show-off her the eternal innocent vibes within S-OIL CF! The mixture of twintail hairstyle, feminine outfits, and bright yellow color concept, IU has become the new ‘It Girl’ for S-OIL. It was a Korean petroleum and refinery company that has been selected IU as their new face as well!


That was all of the information about IU’s appearance through several CFs! Since she has been a CF model for a long time, we could see that her image as their model was terrific! From cute image until elegant vibes, IU knew how to amazed people, right?

Comment down below, which one of your favorite CFs from IU!