From ‘Dream High’ to ‘Hotel Del Luna’, Check Out IU’s Best Drama Style Choices!

Steal The Looks From IU’s Appearances In K-Dramas!

Have you heard about the soloist and actress who is really popular for her songs and is also famous for her appearances in dramas? If you guessed that it was the female soloist, IU, that was right! The soloist who is also known for her hit song, Good Day, has been the lead cast of some popular dramas, as well.

IU is considered remarkable even among Korean female celebrities who are known for their beauty and she always looks lovely on every occasion, especially during her appearances in drama. Her fans praise her acting skill because she has perfect skill in singing and acting, in addition to her beautiful looks.

Are you curious about IU’s appearance and her fashion style in dramas? Take a look in this article below and steal the looks from IU’s beautiful outfits!

IU in Dream High

In the picture above, we can see IU’s hair is in pigtails with bangs. It was such a cute hairstyle to wear, especially for female students if you are looking for an idea to do for going to school. In Dream High, IU was playing the character of Kim Pil-sook, who was a student at Kirin High School. Although she was shy and overweight, Kim Pil-sook had the gift of perfect pitch.

In Dream High, Kim Pil-sook finally gained her confidence and tried to lose weight. She also had a cute love story with another student, named Jason, who was played by 2PM’s Jang Woo-young. The two became a cute couple in this drama, as Kim Pil-sook was a shy girl but still adorable in Jason’s eyes. Their fans called them the Milky Couple since they both had such fair skin and looked very matched with each other.

Before having a huge transformation in her looks, Kim Pil-soo wore glasses and had a bob  hairstyle with bangs, which was one of her iconic style in this drama. Her hair made her looks cute as ever, but didn’t hide her beautiful face. She also liked to wear a ribboned hair clip as her signature hairstyle before she transformed into ‘another’ beautiful Kim Pil-sook.

After a while, she sported a new look which left the whole school surprised. She lost weight and was as pretty as ever! Her longer hair and bangs made her looked prettier than with her short hairstyle. She also gained her confidence and started wearing various footwear that made her look even cuter. Her transformation in this drama is very different, but her character was still an image of a cute, shy girl.

Which one one do you think suits Kim Pil-sook the best? Her style with glasses or her looks with long hair?

IU in You Are The Best!

In the drama, You Are The Best! (최고다 이순신), IU played the character of Lee Soon-shin, which is also the lead role. Lee Soon-shin is a girl who has bad luck and sometimes she loses confidence because lives in the shadow of her older sister, who has a better life than she does. Lee Soon-shin felt like her appearance brought her bad luck since she was short and thought that she wasn’t pretty like other girls.

When you watch this drama, you can see that Lee Soon-shin is a moody person and sometimes gets emotional because she doesn’t think she has any special talents. One day, she starts acting and her personality made her talent stand out. Her acting skill got more recognized by the public and people started to recognize her talent and beauty as an actress.

Although she doesn’t have a lot of confidence, she still attracted Shin Joo-ho, a singer-songwriter who stopped his career as an entertainer and became the CEO of Gabi Entertainment. He met her and recognized her potential to be a star, and began recruiting her to become a successful actress.

In this drama, IU looked really pretty with her appearance and casual outfits. It was hard to recognize IU’s role as Lee Soon-shin since her looks in this drama really represented ‘the real’ IU. She has beautiful, long wavy hair and mostly wore feminine outfits such as dresses, cardigans, t-shirts, etc. As an actress in this drama, IU’s character would leave you amazed with her talent, since this character was so different than her personality in her previous drama, Dream High.

IU’s outfits in this drama are feminine, yet stylish. You can wear these casual outfits in daily life and dress to go to a party!

IU in Bel Ami

Bel Ami (예쁜남자) is also known with another title, Pretty Boy, and aired on KBS from November, 2013, until January, 2014. The drama starred Jang Geun-suk, IU, Lee Jang-woo, and Han Chae-young, and is a romantic comedy series got good ratings at that time. In this drama, IU appeared with a short, fresh hairstyle that was a departure from the styles in her two previous roles.

IU played Kim Bo-tong, an average girl that has a certain innocence and is a social butterfly in her neighborhood. She has a crush on Dokgo Ma-te, played by Jang Geun-suk. Although Kim Bo-tong was from a poor family, she had a big heart and loved to help people, especially when Ma-te had to face a difficult situation, she helped him a lot because she liked him.

In Korean, Kim Bo-tong means average, but IU’s appearance in this drama is far from  average. She has such a small figure, yet still has her own beauty even though she only wears natural make-up. In this drama, you can see IU’s style as a casual, yet feminine look that makes her natural beauty stand out.

If you look at the picture above, Kim Bo-tong is wearing a v-neck wool sweater with denim overalls, and looks pretty and cute. This outfit can be a good choice for you to wear in the fall season! The natural make-up is also a great option for you to wear in daily life because it’s very suitable for teenagers.

The character of hardworking Kim Bo-tong is really apparent from how she dresses. In this look, Kim Bo-tong has just finished her job and is about to go home. This outfit looks like a really a good choice for you to wear at night or on windy days since the jacket is thick. 

IU in The Producers

In this drama, The Producers (프로듀사), IU played the character of Park Seon, or Cindy. In this drama, Cindy is a famous singer celebrity that made her debut when she was only 13 years old. Through this drama, we can see a different character played by IU.

Cindy persona is that of an “ice princess”, since she always acted like she didn’t care about the people around her. In the picture above, Cindy is wearing an Obzee Sky Blue Sleeveless Blouse which costs $234.95, an Obzee Wang Skirt costing $258.84, and Fendi Baguette Embellished Leather Shoulder Bag costing $3412.13.

On another episode, Cindy wore an Isabel Marant Abril Embroidered Jacket that cost $302.75 and has a distinct Western feel, with feminine, embroidered details on the pockets, collar, and hems. This jacket is really good for you to wear outside, especially when you’re having a short trip or camping since it has such a natural vibe.

As a singer, Cindy mostly wore glamorous and elegant dresses on her first appearance in this drama. In the picture above, Cindy wears a Boutique Moschino Beaded Neckline Tank that costs $242.66. This pink dress is really beautiful and has an elegant vibe for everyone who wears it, just like Cindy does.

In another episode, you can see another luxury outfit that Cindy wears. Just like any other entertainer, Cindy likes to wear skirts or dresses which have a feminine look, and her small figure looks really pretty with that kind of outfit.

In the picture above, Cindy wears a Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Banana Print Knitted Top, SJYP Round Middle Skirt costing $296.00, and Marc by Marc Jacobs HVAC Colorblocked Clutch. Mostly these items are already sold out, but this outfit could be a good suggestion for you to go out on a prom or attend a party!

Who’s ready for summer? This dress that IU wore in the drama is a StyleNanda Snap Button Maxi Dress that costs $76.00. The dress is a bright orange and has a feel of summer energy! It has a long skirt and buttons in the center from the top until the skirt. Although it doesn’t have any pattern, this dress is very simple to wear for a summer party!