From ‘Dream High’ to ‘Hotel Del Luna’, Check Out IU’s Best Drama Style Choices!

IU in Hotel Del Luna

This year, she wrapped up her latest drama filming, Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나), and played the character of Jang Man-wol, who has been cursed to run a hotel where the guests are dead souls who need a place to stay for 1.300 years.

This drama has been praised for the great storyline, plot, and acting skill of its cast. The fashion, especially, is really impressive. In the picture above, Jang Man-wol is wearing a JIGOTT Classic Set-Up (Jacket & Skirt) that reminds us of ’70s-era fashion with its brown color, yet it looks very classic.

In the picture above, Jang Man-wol looked very pretty with this dress from ZADIG & VOLTAIRE, which is priced at $548. This red dress is such a signature of luxury and elegance and captured the character of Jang Man-wol in Hotel del Luna. It’s also a good recommendation for you to wear when going to a party and being ready to steal the spotlight!

Next, we’re going to look another dress that has a glamorous vibe that Jang Man-wol wore. This dress was a DOLCE & GABBANA dress, that cost $2,295 and had details of classic buttons on the center of the dress until the bottom. The dress suited Jang Man-wol the best with her small figure and her hairstyle that turned into bun. Her make-up is also very easy to duplicate, with the natural look and pink lipstick.

Black dresses never disappoint anyone, right? This time, Jang Man-wol wore the black S BLANC Cleio Dress, which retails for $302.15 and looked very beautiful on her figure. This dress has many details, as the top until the sleeves is made from brocade and there’s also a button detail on the left side of the dress.

In the picture above, you can see Jang Man-wol wearing another v-neck dress from & OTHER STORIES, with the long sleeves and a robe with a ribbon tie on her waist. The color of this dress is really pretty, having tones of cream, light blue, white, and light purple.

What do you think of these dresses that suited the character of Jang Man-wol the best?

That was all for the information about IU and her fashion looks in the dramas that she starred in. As people know, IU is a perfect idol and multi-talented entertainer who has a golden voice as a singer and is beautiful actress, as well. Let’s hope that we can see IU acting in dramas or movies again in this future!