From ‘Dream High’ to ‘Hotel Del Luna’, Check Out IU’s Best Drama Style Choices!

IU in Scarlet Heart Ryeo

IU played the character of Hae-soo in the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (달의 연인 – 보보경심 ), who was actually a girl named Go Ha-jin who traveled through time to the Goryeo era and woke up as a 16-year-old girl named Hae-soo, who lived around the palace. IU wears thin make-up that looked like a bare face. Knowing that this drama has a plot in the dynasty era, IU mostly wore Hanbok; South Korean traditional attire.

In this drama, we can see Hae-soo as a cheerful character, yet she had to face the kingdom’s rule that was really sadistic to her. She has a complicated love story with the prince in the palace, and that’s the reason she was punished multiple times because of her behavior.

Despite the cruelty of her life in the palace, IU appeared wearing various beautiful hanbok. The costumes in this drama were really colorful and had pretty patterns in the traditional attire that the cast had to wear. Beside hanbok, IU also wore accessories such as earrings and traditional hair pins that made her beauty stand out!

Hanbok is such beautiful attire. They doesn’t reveal a woman’s body shape and IU looks very cute while wearing them. If you’re watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, you can see there’s many different hanbok that she wears through the episodes.

What do you think about IU’s appearance in South Korean traditional attire, hanbok? Doesn’t she look really pretty?

IU in My Mister

In the drama My Mister (나의 아저씨), IU played the character of Lee Ji-an, who faced many hardships in her life because she had to work under the command of her boss to find out about Park Dong-hoon’s (played by Lee Sun-kyun) weaknesses. If you take a look closely at IU’s facial expression in this drama, you can see that this girl had to face a difficult life and sometimes received abuse from people around her.

Let’s talk about the clothes that she wears in this drama, Lee Ji-an acted like a secret agent or detective when she was on duty. Lee Ji-an mostly wore oversized clothes or tick clothes to hide her figure every time she walked outside. This brown coat can be a good recommendation for you for the fall season to keep yourself warm from the windy day.

Let’s put aside IU’s bruises all over her face in the picture above, and look at the jacket she’s wearing, it could be another good choice for you to wear during the cold season. IU wears three layers of clothes, from the white turtleneck on the inside, the black shirt, and the outer oversized jacket to keep her warm in the cold season.

Although IU didn’t wear any glamorous fashion items in this drama,  she still looks beautiful in these casual clothes and natural make-up. The singer of Through The Night also looked very fresh with the comeback of her short hair and bangs for this role. Just like her other appearances in dramas, she received compliments on her acting skill while playing Lee Ji-an, who survived her painful life throughout this series.

In the last episodes, IU transformed her outfits and appearance with long hair and by wearing various new outfits such as this grey blazer. It’s a formal outfit that will be a good recommendation for you to wear as a professional style.

What do you think about IU’s outfit items in this drama?