ITZY’s Yuna: Profile, Birthday, Pre Debut, Visual

ITZY’s Yuna’s Performance on Stage

itzy yuna

After seeing the story of Yuna’s debut days, we were probably wondering about how Yuna’s doing as a performer. As a girl group who succeeded on their first single track and got big popularity among Korean and international fans, not to put many pressures, but Yuna must be a great dancer and vocalist.

Now let’s see how good Yuna is when she’s on stage performing ITZY’s songs from time to time!

She’s really doing great, right? Despite her young age, Yuna showed great charms when she was on stage. Her facial expressions are so on point. Her dancing also matched and synced well with other members.

Now let’s see the video where we can focus on Yuna better.

What do you think about Yuna’s performance? She really did a great job, right? As expected from our goddess youngest member, Shin Yuna!

ITZY’s Yuna’s Stunning Visual: Comparison between JYP Maknaes

itzy yuna

Before, JYP Entertainment is popular with their girl group who made big names in the K-pop industry. Even though it’s not the main reason, their girl group’s popularity is also because of their gorgeous maknae. Starting from Ahn Sohee from Wonder Girls, Bae Suzy from Miss A, Chou Tzuyu from Twice, and now Shin Yuna from ITZY.

Do you know that all of JYP Entertainment’s maknae has the same pattern? They are all the group’s visual, the tallest, and the one who didn’t cry when their group got first wins.

Let’s see JYP Entertainment’s visual maknae from time to time and compare their beauty. Of course, all of them are pretty, but their charisma hits different!

jyp itzy
itzy yuna
itzy yuna

And now, the unique habit of JYP Entertainment’s girl group’s maknae who had the same reactions when their group got first wins. Instead of crying just like most of their unnies, the maknaes are smiling brightly.

itzy yuna

Yuna is cute, just like her seniors. Hopefully, Yuna can get huge success as much as her senior in the future.

Haters Accused Yuna’s Visual to be Downgraded; Netizens Are Angry

itzy yuna

We all know that Yuna is popular with her visuals. But some of the netizens out there were just too harsh on her. Even though she’s an idol, she’s a public figure, Yuna is also human. But people are expecting too much on her. That could be because her seniors are getting so much popularity these days, which are Suzy, Ahn Sohee, and Tzuyu.

And some netizens don’t like the fact that Yuna’s visuals don’t meet their expectation. They even said that Yuna’s visual is going downhill. Whoah, that was too harsh.

Well, you’re not the only one who gets angry with that. Some other netizens are defending her. They said that Yuna is still so pretty, her face could be changing because of puberty, but it doesn’t change her beauty.

It’s true that Yuna’s style can make her look different sometimes. Especially her hairstyle and hair colors. But it still doesn’t change the fact that she’s a true beauty.

itzy yuna

What do you think about this? People are just too harsh on her, or do you agree with those hate comments? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

ITZY’s Yuna’s Letters to MIDZY

itzy yuna

We have seen many points of view about Yuna, netizens who liked her, or the ones who just like throwing hate comments. But we don’t know what she actually has been through. Yuna, then again, is just a human who has hearts and knows how to feel. How does she feel about being the maknae of the popular girl group, ITZY?

In August 2017, ITZY shared a video that talked about the true feelings of ITZY members. They shared their anxiety and what things make them worried. To MIDZY, ITZY’s fandom name, Yuna shared that she realized how people think that she’s in a good place, getting all the success at a young age. But since she entered the entertainment industry at a very young age, she sometimes gets confused with the boundaries.

Yuna felt the pressure people put on her that she has to do the best. Even though she feel sad inside, her brain keeps on telling her that everyone faced this too. So it confused her even more. Then again, it’s the first time for her. She’s young, and she’s new to this. If she had experienced much more things in life before facing this, the stress could be even less.

What do you think of Yuna’s letter to MIDZY? Hopefully, she can get through this. Fighting, Yuna!


Now we have reached the end of the article. We learned that Yuna is indeed such a beautiful maknae. Not only her gorgeous face, but she also has amazing dancing and singing skills. Yuna is such a true performer despite her young age. Which of her charms that you like the most from Yuna? Share your thoughts in the comment!