All About ITZY’s Yeji: Profile, Pre Debut, Look A Like Hyunjin, etc.

ITZY Yeji’s Diet

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As a K-pop fan, have you wondered about how the idols maintain their good body figure? Some of them even have a really nice body figure to the point you might think that they maybe don’t eat anything at all?

Well, speaking of which, what do you think Yeji eats a day since her body is skinny yet ideal? In an interview, Yeji revealed her diet or what she usually eats in a day to keep her body.

Yeji’s breakfast is quite hard to follow, at least for some of you. Her breakfast is just water. But sometimes, instead of just drinking water, she eats watermelon too.

As for lunch, she eats various things. Sometimes she eats meats. But what’s important for her lunch is the three sauces: mayo sauce, mustard sauce, and bean sauce. That could be because she likes the three sauces so much. Even when she eats the rice with other food, the sauces have to be there too.

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For the snacks, Yeji said that she likes watermelon a lot so she eats them for snacking too. Eat your watermelon if you want to be like Yeji, everyone!

And lastly, thankfully, Yeji didn’t skip her dinner because she eats nutritious salad and crisps. Sometimes, she added chicken breast or chicken wings too.

What do you think of Yeji’s diet? It doesn’t look so strict, but for us who love to snack and eat sweets, it’s quite hard, right? But if you want to diet, you can try out Yeji’s diet!

Yeji’s Performance in ITZY’s stages

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We mentioned a lot of times that Yeji has very fierce-looking when she’s on stage. Junho said that she’s the gem of JYP Entertainment. Even her members adore her performance on stage with a very different vibe when she’s off stage.

So, it’s time to see how charismatic Yeji is in front of the camera!

Well, not only in front of the camera but also when she’s performing ITZY’s songs!

If you can’t focus enough because other ITZY members are charming, too, let’s see the videos that have more focus on Yeji!

What do you think of Yeji’s performance on stage? She’s really powerful. No wonder her members love her so much. We can’t help to fall in love with her either.


We have reached the end of the article. It’s good to see a lot of Yeji’s charms, facts, and info that you may not know before, right? It feels like we know her better now. She’s a very charismatic leader and a great performer on stage. But off stage, she’s just a lovable Yeji who is very cute and understands her members well. What do you think of Yeji? Which of her charms that you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment, please!