All About ITZY’s Yeji: Profile, Pre Debut, Look A Like Hyunjin, etc.

ITZY Yeji’s Debut with ITZY: Dalla Dalla First Win


In early 2019, some rumors were saying that JYP Entertainment will debut a girl group. Especially, TWICE, their recent girl group at that time, has been on their fifth year since the first year of their debut. All the rumors then turned into news that JYP Entertainment made a new girl group’s debut with five members.

The group is called ITZY. In Korean, it’s pronounced as It-ji.

The member contains Chaeryeong, Yuna, Ryujin, Lia, and of course, our girl Yeji. The leader of this group is once again, of course, our girl Yeji. Finally, after three years of trainee life, Yeji could show how talented she is by debuting ITZY.

JYP Entertainment released the teaser of the girls. Yeji looks really stunning in the teaser!


On February 12, 2019, JYP Entertainment released the music video of ITZY, with their first single track called “Dalla Dalla”. Let’s see the music video of “Dalla Dalla”!

The song is so easy-listening, the girls’ voices are also good. Not to mention their dancing skill, the dance movement is so cool. For your information, “Dalla Dalla” is a song about self-love.

And for the dance performance, you can watch the video here!

Only has debuted for no longer than a month. ITZY has broken the record by winning their first debut song on music shows.

All the girls look so happy; congrats to the girls! They really deserve it!

Hwang Twins: ITZY Yeji Look A Like Stray Kids Hyunjin

yeji hyunjin

This topic has been going around on the Internet for years, especially after ITZY made a debut. Since then, we cannot unseen Yeji’s face in Hyunjin’s face and vice versa.

It’s so mad knowing that the two of them are coming from the same company and have been trained in the same period, which means they know each other well. Especially, Hyunjin and Yeji are at the same age. And their surname is also Hwang.

itzy yeji

How can people not think that they’re long-lost twins?

It’s all started when netizens noticed Yeji’s monolid eyes. Yeji’s eyes have the cat-eyes aura, and it changed whenever she’s on stage. Little did we know, the same thing happened to Hyunjin. He also has monolid eyes that look a lot like Yeji’s.

Then the topic starts to grow. People start to compare their faces, and it looks similar.

itzy yeji hyunjin

Hyunjin, with his long hair, is just like Yeji with her hair that already long since the beginning of her debut.

yeji hyunjin

Despite them being on the same agency, Yeji and Hyunjin are rarely interact with each other since there was never content for both Stray Kids and ITZY. But hold your horses. Finally, Hyunjin and Yeji met on the music show, where Hyunjin and Yeji became the MC. It feels like the entertainment industry knows that we have been simping for their interaction.

yeji hyunjin
yeji hyunjin

Look at how close they are now. No photo-editor app is used here!

But then again, after we see the “Hwang siblings” in one picture, we can conclude that Hyunjin and Yeji are both alike. Since they are the same age, they must be close in real life too.

hyunjin yeji

And if you’re still wondering if Yeji and Hyunjin are siblings or not, look at Yeji’s profile up there, and you won’t see Hyunjin or any brother related to her. So it’s a no. Yeji and Hyunjin are not actual siblings.

ITZY Yeji’s Leadership in ITZY’s Eyes

itzy iu

In December 2020, IU invited ITZY on her show called “IU’s Palette”. On this show, IU talked about many things with her guest and even sang a duet song together. As for ITZY’s episode, IU sang a song with the girls and did a cover dance of ITZY’s songs with ITZY.

In this episode, IU said that she has been noticing in ITZY’s videos and VLive that she has watched that ITZY is the group that has no hierarchy on each member. This means, Yeji as the leader, didn’t show her title as a leader and just blended with her members well. IU praised Yeji a lot for this. She even thought that Yeji might be the youngest, but it turned out that Yeji is the leader.


Ryujin agreed and said that Yeji is the reason why in ITZY, there’s no hierarchy. As you may or may not know, there’s a culture where the younger ones should put respect on the older ones in Korea. So sometimes, the relationship can be awkward or too formal. But Yeji asked other members to see each other as “friends”, which means they’re the same age. So every member will feel more comfortable.

itzy iu

Yuna also added that Yeji is so charismatic that it made her admire Yeji every time she looks at their performance. Same with Yuna’s answer, Chaeryeong said that Yeji has a big difference between on stage and off stage, and she thinks that’s really cool.

Yeji is really charismatic and indeed a very lovable person!