All About ITZY’s Yeji: Profile, Pre Debut, Look A Like Hyunjin, etc.

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Meet the Leader of the Powerful 4th Gen K-pop Girl Group, Yeji From Itzy

We have reached the 4th generation of K-pop, where almost all of the idols have an average year of born in 2000 or even after 2000. Some of you who was born way before the young 4th gen idols must think that idol these days are so young but are so talented. It makes us feel so old. But I can’t help to not fall in love with the boys and the girls.

In this article, we won’t be talking about those young K-pop idols who belong to the 4th gen of K-pop boy group and girl group. Instead, we will talk about one phenomenal K-pop girl group that has broken the record only with their first single track, which also their debut song. It’s none other than the girl group from JYP entertainment, ITZY!


ITZY is one of the popular K-pop girl groups these days. Their debut song has gotten into a lot of K-pop lover’s hearts. Not only nationwide but also worldwide. Just imagine, the first months of their debut, ITZY has been so popular among various people.

They indeed have the privilege since they came from one of the big companies in South Korea. But if you listen to the songs, their voices, as well as their dancing skills, it’s no wonder that they achieve that big.

The success of ITZY is also because of the leader, Yeji!


Let’s discuss more of Yeji. Who is she, and why is she powerful as a leader of ITZY? Get ready to fall in love with her charm. Just scroll down to find out more!

ITZY Yeji’s Profile

yeji itzy

To get to know more about Yeji, we have to start from the very beginning first. Some of you probably only know her by her name and her position in ITZY. But Yeji has many more charms that will make you fall for her deeper just by seeing her basic info. She may be sharing the same birthday or MBTI as yours.

So, let’s see the full profile of Yeji from ITZY down below!

Full name: Hwang Yeji

Korean Name: 황예지

Chinese Name: 黃禮志

Nickname: Hwang Leader, Hwang Pro, Hwang Mika, Princess Yeji, Um Yeji, Yeji Sarang (Yeji Love), Uju Dae Star (Universe Great Star), etc.

Birthplace: Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju-si, South Korea

Nationality: Korean

Birthdate: May 26, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon


  • Jeonju Hwasan Elementary School
  • Jeonju Geunyoung Middle School
  • Jeonju Commercial Information High School (Financial Information Department)

Position: Leader, main dancer, lead vocal, sub rapper

Occupation: Singer, idol

Blood Type: A

Height: 167 cm


Motto: Trust myself

Family: Parents, 1 older sister (born in 1998)

Debut date: February 12

Debut year: 2019

Agency: JYP Entertainment


ITZY Yeji’s Facts

yeji itzy

After seeing Yeji’s profile, it feels like we have known her better, right? But it will be better if we can see some interesting facts about her. Just by seeing some little facts of Yeji, we can understand the leader of ITZY more, and of course, fall in love deeper with her.

Let’s see some interesting facts about Yeji!

  • Yeji has a hobby of writing a diary at night.
  • Yeji loves to take a walk while listening to music.
  • If Yeji sticks to one food, she likes to eat it every day.
  • Yeji often wipes her phone every time she gets home.
  • Yeji always brings a grape-flavored vitamin to her pouch.
  • Yeji’s hands are large enough to hold an iPad mini with one of her hands.
  • When Yeji takes a break from practicing, she tries to practice piano in the private practice room.
  • In August 2019, Yeji ranked first in the girl group brand reputation.
  • Before ITZY made a debut, Yeji was never on an airplane. She hasn’t been to Jeju island before, so the overseas tour is her first experience.
  • Yeji is the only member in her group that attended a specialized high school (majoring in Finance in Jeonju), not a performing arts high school.
  • When Yeji was a child, her dream is to be a soccer player. She brought a soccer ball and played it on the school field. She didn’t play well, but she enjoyed kicking the ball.
  • When Yeji was a child, she watched TV closely because she wanted to have bad eyesight.
  • If Yeji can be born again, she wants to re-born as a bear. She wants to enjoy life slowly and relax while hibernating.
  • Yeji recommended a book called “Little Prince” because she likes the book a lot.
  • Yeji’s favorite movies are the Twilight series, Maze Runner series, The Hunger Game series, About Time, La La Land, Miracles in Cell no. 7.

ITZY Yeji’s Pre Debut


Yeji was born and raised in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea, on May 26, 2000. In her family, she is the youngest child. She has an older sister who was born in 1998. Their family also raised two dogs.

As a child, Yeji once had a life-and-death experience where she caught a cold where her condition became very poor. It was said that Yeji had a complication such as pneumonia and osteomyelitis. She was hospitalized for quite a long time. But thankfully, little Yeji recovered, and she can go back to normal.

Thank goodness that Yeji survived that experience. If she weren’t, she wouldn’t be one of the best trainees in JYP Entertainment.

yeji itzy

Because in January 2016, or she was 16 in International age (or 17 years old in Korean age), Yeji got accepted as a JYP Entertainment trainee, and she already became the elite trainee at that time. Even Junho from 2PM said that she was the gem that JYP Entertainment has been hiding.

yeji itzy

Yeji once appeared in the “Stray Kids” reality show in 2017. The show was about a survival program of JYP Entertainment’s trainees that would form the new K-pop group in their company. First, the girls’ trainees had to have a battle with the boys’ trainees. At that time, Yeji and other girls were competing against the “Stray Kids” group.

itzy yeji

Unfortunately, Yeji and other girls lost, and they had to wait for other years to make a debut.

itzy yeji

Even at that time, Yeji has shown an awe-inspiring skill of dancing. Some Stray Kids members claimed that they were afraid of Yeji’s charisma because it was too strong to compete.

Here is the clip of the female trainees (including Yeji) on “Stray Kids”!

Yeji was so cute back then, and her performance was excellent!