Itzy’s Shin Ryujin: Full Profile, Mixnine Era, BTS MV Model, Look-alike, etc.

Shin Ryujin in a BTS MV

In 2017, the appearance of Ryujin who was still a trainee began to be widely discussed by people because she was present in one of the music videos of the famous boy group BTS. The “Highlight Reel” video that was part of the Love Yourself series from Bangtan Boys became a hot topic of discussion among fans. Not only the idol, but it also turns out the appearance of some mysterious girl who is a trainee of JYP Entertainment who is known as Shin Ryujin.

This was proved by the hashtag #JYPRyujin, which fans used when they talked about the appearance of the girl in the video, which had become part of the trending topic list on Twitter. Shin Ryujin became the talk of fans because of her dancing ability which she showed in the second video “Highlight Reel.” In the first video, she appears with a cake for J-Hope in front of Jimin of BTS.

Not only she is beautiful and successful to make fans curious about her identity, but the presence of a row of beautiful girls including Ryujin also made the story of the series Love Yourself more colorful and interesting to wait. In the video, each member appears as if he has his own love story. Ryujin is a girl who appears with J-Hope and Jimin of BTS.

According to fans who had talked about the deep meaning of this video, found that the girls would help the members show their true selves, and treat the wounds mentioned by the previous agency. As for the fans who just realized Ryujin’s appearance there commented, “Wait, is she the one in ‘Highlight Reel’? She looks very different because I don’t recognize her at all,” commented one of the fans. “I thought she had forgotten but apparently still remembers that they never filmed with BTS,” wrote another netter.

What do you think of Shin Ryujin’s appearance when she was a trainee in BTS’ “Highlight Reel?”

Shin Ryujin’s Look-alike: Han So-hee, Kim Ji-eun, or Son Na-eun?

Shin Ryujin became one of the K-Pop idols who is increasingly famous for her beauty and performances on the stage which look very energetic and fierce. Lately, fans have noticed that Ryujin looks similar to some other K-Pop idols and also famous actresses, such as Han So-hee and Kim Ji-eun.

Do you agree with the statement? If not, the section below will prove how similar and beautiful Shin Ryujin is to the famous idol and actress through her appearance as Yeo Da-kyung in the K-Drama The World Of The Married!

In April 2020, Shin Ryujin’s resemblance to Han So-hee was the subject of much fanfare because of the photos Ryujin shared on Instagram on June 4th, 2019.

It is said that the appearance of Han So-hee and Ryujin features perfect features that are often compared to characteristics like cats. Many netizens agree that they are indeed very similar. “Woah they really look alike. At first, I was sure this was Han So-hee but then people said she was Ryujin and it turns out she was indeed Ryujin,” wrote one of the netters in the comments column.

In the recent live broadcast of V Live, Ryujin mentioned Han So-hee’s name and, unexpectedly, the singer of the song “ICY” gave praise to the actress born in 1994. Ryujin agreed with the opinion of netizens who said that Han So-hee is indeed very beautiful and charming. What was expressed by Ryujin, of course, became a hot topic of conversation. Many of them feel jealous of them who are both beautiful. When giving praise to Han So-hee, Ryujin is said to be praising herself for being similar.

Aside from actress Han So-hee, Ryujin also bears a resemblance to a rookie actress who is present as one of the roles in the K-Drama Strangers From Hell, Kim Ji-eun. Many say that Ryujin and Kim Ji-eun are hidden twin sisters. In a forum, even netizens had time to compare Ryujin’s and Kim Ji-eun’s photos. Both of them were praised for having equally beautiful faces and amazing talent in their respective fields. “She is also in the web drama, right? To me she looks more like ITZY’s Ryujin than anyone else,” commented one netter.

Even since Ryujin debuted with ITZY, many say that her visuals are very similar to A-Pink’s Naeun. From TheQoo‘s website, they said that from the Ryujin teaser of the “Dalla Dalla” music video she looked very similar to one of the A-Pink members who had been in a fake relationship with SHINee’s Taemin in the TV program We Got Married. People who have just known Ryujin as a rookie say that she is a mixture of Han Ji-min and TWICE’s Jeongyeon. Others commented, “Yes, she’s a bit like Na-eun.” And, “I think she’s a mixture of Na-eun and Jo Bo-ah,” other have said.

So what do you think? From Han So-hee, Kim Ji-eun to A-Pink’s Naeun, who is the most similar to ITZY’s Ryujin visuals?

Shin Ryujin at KCON

After making a few comeback stages for “WannaBe,” ITZY is now on a break from their promotions. For the latest ITZY schedule, they are announced to be a line-up for an online concert held by the KCON: TACT 2020 Summer Festival. On June 1st, 2020, the third line-up for the online concert was announced via a YouTube account from Mnet, there were 12 musicians who were ready to appear in the online festival. They are (G) I-DLE, Victon, Chungha, Ateez, SF9, ITZY, TXT (Tomorrow by Together), BVNDIT, Oh My Girl, ONF, Astro, and N.Flying.

Each group will perform on the KCON: TACT Summer 2020 stage, some of the performers also take part in the meet and greet session. KCON: TACT 2020 itself is an online event from KCON, which is a global K-Pop festival that is usually held in a number of countries every year. As a result of COVID-19 and the absence of concerts throughout the country, organizers hope K-Pop lovers can feel a part of the euphoria of the real KCON event, through KCON: TACT 2020.

On April 2nd, 2020, while ITZY was performing for their comeback stage “WannaBe” the outfit worn by Ryujin seemed to steal the attention of many people because it turned out that the costume was made from an unexpected material. At first glance, the top of Ryujin’s costume in question looks normal. Back under the fishnet long sleeve crop top is a nice style that really matches the Ryujin vibe for “WannaBe.”

Fans finally found that the outfit that had been successfully transformed into a superior piece of clothing for Ryujin was actually underwear. There was no indication of whether Ryujin knew about this or not. But it is undeniable that she looks good wearing it. Netizens gave mixed reactions to the creativity of ITZY’s stylists, changing their underwear into a crop top. Many claimed to be uncomfortable after finding out. On the other hand, netizens thought that it didn’t matter because Ryujin wore it well.

“But this is pretty, right?” one netter commented. “As long as it’s not used underwear, I don’t see a problem with that,” another replied. “I don’t like this. Cordi should just wear DIY clothes, why does she have to make someone wear underpants,” said another netter who seemed to disagree. “I think it’s weird if you think about it in a strange way. There are lots of YouTube videos that show you how to make new clothes from underwear, etc,” were some of the other comments.

That is all for the detailed and complete information about who ITZY’s Ryujin is, her journey when she was still one of the contestants of the survival show MixNine and now has a lot of fans and people who know her as a girl group member who has very high and energetic characteristics when performing. Shin Ryujin is not an ordinary person but she is a girl who has real charisma and has worked really hard from the past and she deserves to get the title as one of the iconic K-Pop girl group members. Let’s continue to give lots of love, support, and prayers to Shin Ryujin so that her career with ITZY will continue to shine in the future!