Itzy’s Shin Ryujin: Full Profile, Mixnine Era, BTS MV Model, Look-alike, etc.

Shin Ryujin’s “WannaBe” Era: The Popular Shoulder Dance

On March 9th, 2020, ITZY made a comeback with the release of a new mini-album titled IT’z ME with the title track “WannaBe.” Now the 5-member girl group is busy with various promotional activities. A post on the online community site TheQoo highlighted Shin Ryujin on ITZY’s comeback this time. Netizens who publish posts write that the singer born in 2001 is the only member who gets a lot of positive comments.

“She is a good dancer and always gets praise for her visuals. She does a shoulder intro dance perfectly plus a bop cut hairstyle additionally fits the concept. For all those reasons, this is her best era,” wrote a netizen. The post got quite a lot of comments from other netizens as well. Agreeing with the contents of the post, other netizens also think that Ryujin looks very prominent in this comeback.

“She really fits the song,” commented one netizen. “Ryujin has the ability, she is beautiful and charming,” said another netizen. “I think so too. She is the most prominent and her expression is very good. She is also a good dancer,” said another.

“She is very cool. You will fall in love if you watch the music video,” said netizens. “I only know ITZY as a group and their songs. But after watching the music video, I know Ryujin,” another commented. “I really fell in love with her because of the shoulder dance,” added another.

To show how energetic the “WannaBe” choreography is, JYP Entertainment uploaded a video on YouTube with a performance version for the “WannaBe” music video. Fans can see more details about dance moves from Ryujin and the other members for this comeback. Besides the “WannaBe” performance version of the music video, Ryujin was also present to greet her fans via V Live broadcasts.

Seeing the comments from fans who were curious about the shoulder dance she did at the beginning of the choreography, Ryujin began to make a short tutorial by moving her shoulders slowly and accelerating her movements faster like the original “WannaBe” choreography. She said that it was not difficult to do it while singing on the stage. The V Live broadcast by Ryujin and Yuna attracted a lot of attention because they were very funny when doing the broadcast.

Beside that, there are several K-Pop idols who have cheered ITZY’s comeback with their latest song “WannaBe.” The iconic shoulder dance indeed drew the attention of many people and made them curious whether the choreography is easy or hard to do.

There are some K-Pop idols who imitate the iconic dance shoulder choreography by Ryujin, such as:

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua

ASTRO’s Moonbin

A-Pink’s Eunji

WINNER’s Seunghoon

NCT 127’s Jaehyun

IN2IT’s Inho

TWICE’s Sana, Momo, Mina


What do you think about these K-Pop idols who try the iconic Ryujin choreography for “WannaBe” with her quick shoulder dance moves?