Here Are ITZY’s Members’ MBTI Types! Are They Compatible With Yours?

itzy member mbti

Learn More About All ITZY Members’ MBTI Types!

As fans, MIDZY is surely curious about all ITZY members’ MBTI types. They must be constantly figuring out what type of personalities their idols have. MBTI has 16 types of personalities such as ENFP, ISFJ, and many more. To find out more about their MBTI, you have to read this article. So, stay tuned!

ITZY Members’ MBTI Types

itzy member mbti

Among the 4 members, there are 2 members who share their MBTI types. ITZY members revealed their MBTI types through the KBS K-Pop YouTube channel on March 21, 2020. So, here are the types of ITZY members’ MBTI!

Yeji’s MBTI – ISFJ

itzy yeji mbti

Yeji‘s MBTI type is a defender, and this type is quite unique because many of their qualities defy the definition of their personal traits. This type is introverted, observant, pays attention, is well-prepared, and always follows their heart in every step.

This type is very suitable for her. As a defender, Yeji is known to be enthusiastic and hardworking in everything that she does. We could say this type is close to a perfectionist. Yeji had already spent a long time as a trainee until, finally, her effort paid off by debuting with ITZY.

As an ISFJ, Yeji is very reliable, supportive, and stays silent when many people are talking. Because of these traits, Yeji is called a good friend and a great leader in ITZY!

itzy yeji good leader

However, this type is also known to be overly humble and too sincere, so it can make Yeji feel too burdened by herself.

Ryujin’s MBTI – INTJ

itzy ryujin mbti

Ryujin‘s personality type is called “Architect.” This type is known as being independent, hard-working, and determined. It suits Ryujin who has many skills from rapping, singing, and dancing. This type is very strong in theoretical thinking and open to new ideas because they’re full of curiosity.

Because they are overly critical and rational, people with this type probably struggle to understand what’s going on and how to behave. For example, they will struggle to housekeep if they’re a wife.

Chaeryeong’s MBTI – ESFJ

itzy chaeryeong mbti

This cutie ITZY member is an ESFJ. This MBTI type is called “Consuls” and is known for being loyal, funny, and very warm to people. Chaeryeong is very good at connecting with others so it makes her friends love having a friend like Chaeryeong. People with the “Consuls” type are responsible for their duties.

Chaeryeong‘s type means extroverted, and she likes to make people comfortable and is easy-going. But, sometimes, they are also known to be selfless because they always put everyone else’s needs above their own. An ESFJ is very full of worry about anything. They overthink too much, and it suits Chaeryeong. She also admitted that she always thinks about things too much.

Lia and Yuna’s MBTI – ENFJ

itzy member mbti

Lia and Yuna share an MBTI type. They both are an ENFJ which means “Protagonist.” People of this type are very charismatic, reliable, and very passionate about doing something that they are interested in. Protagonists like Lia and Yuna are very sociable and good at communication.

The difference between Lia and Yuna is Lia is more mature at thinking and is good at giving advice and encouragement. Meanwhile, Yuna is more unrealistic and works hard to be recognized by others.

Most Compatible Partners for ITZY’s Members Based on Their MBTI

itzy members mbti

As a fan, you must be curious what type of MBTI personality is compatible to be a partner of an ITZY member. So, let’s find out below!

Ideal Partner for Yeji: ISFJ – ESTP

itzy yeji mbti

People who have the same MBTI type as Yeji will be matched with ESTP people. ISFJ is known for being a cat person. They like to hide their feelings so they need a partner who is good at communicating and is able to lighten the atmosphere with their funny chatter.

People with ESTP have a great sense of humor and are very optimistic every time they do something. They also like adventure. Yeji will match with people who have the ESTP type, for example, actor Jaime Lannister.

Ideal Partner for Ryujin: INTJ – ENTP

itzy ryujin mbti

As an INTJ type, they struggle with starting a relationship because they’re too rational and theoretical. In Ryujin’s case, she needs someone who has an ENTP personality type. An ENTP is called a “Debater” and is good at leadership. They are also dominant in many aspects so it can help an INTJ open their heart towards them.

ENTP types easily start relationships. They also easily move on and forget old memories when the relationship ends. Some K-pop idols who have an ENTP personality that matches with Ryujin are Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Day6’s YoungK.

Ideal Partner for Chaeryeong: ESFJ – ISFP

itzy chaeryeong mbti

The ESFJ type is very warm, kind, and funny, but people with this type always worry about every aspect. So, as an ESFJ, ITZY’s Chaeryeong needs to meet a partner that can encourage her like an ISFP. These two types have something in common, namely wanting to have a long-term relationship.

Even though an ESFJ overthinks, they are a good listener for ISFP. ISFP is also very humble and kind-hearted, so ESFJ and ISFP will tend to avoid conflict when it comes to their relationship. Such a perfect partner!

Some K-pop idols who match with Chaeryeong’s personality are EXO’s Baekhyun and Doowon from Day6.

Ideal Partner for Lia and Yuna: ENFJ – INFP

itzy lia mbti

Yuna and Lia are ENFJ types. In a relationship, ENFJ types like to pay attention to little things to make their partner happy. So, Lia and Yuna need to find a partner who has an imagination and loves attention like INFP types.

So, that’s all the information about ITZY’s members’ MBTI types. Based on their MBTI, which members match with your personality? Don’t forget to write about it in the comment box.

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