ITZY’s Height Order and Comparison: Who Is the Tallest and Shortest Member?

itzy height order

Let’s Take a Peek at ITZY’s Height Order Here!

ITZY is a girl group under JYP Entertainment that formed and debuted in 2019 with its first single “DALLA DALLA.” Among the 5 members, you may have wondered about their height. Moreover, all of the members seem to have the same height. However, ITZY members have different heights. So, which ones are the tallest and the shortest members?

If you are curious about their heights as well as the height order among them, this article is for you! In this article, Channel-Korea has already provided information about ITZY members’ height along with their height order. So, check it out!

ITZY Members’ Height Order Then and Now

itzy height order

When ITZY debuted, you must have seen that ITZY’s members are all the same height, but after 3 years, their height difference is very clear to see. If we look at their debut poster below, we can deduce that Lia and Yeji are the tallest. Meanwhile, Ryujin is the shortest member. But, did you know that Lia is the shortest and Yeji is the tallest member?

After 3 years, some ITZY members are going through a growth so their heights are increasing such as Yuna and Ryujin. So, here’s the list of ITZY members’ height order and comparison from then to now:

itzy height order

2019 Height order 

Rank Member Name Height
1st Yeji 170 cm
2nd Yuna 168 cm
3rd Chaeryeong 166 cm
4th Ryujin 164 cm
5th Lia 162.3 cm


itzy height order

2022 Height order

Rank Member Name Height
1st Yuna 171 cm
2nd Yeji 170 cm
3rd Chaeryeong 168 cm
4th Ryujin 165 cm
5th Lia 163 cm

ITZY’s Members’ Height Comparison: From Tallest to Shortest

itzy height order

One thing is for sure, we can’t measure ITZY members’ height in detail because sometimes their heels or boots have a higher shoe heel than our expectation. For example, sometimes, Lia is tall like Yeji, etc. To resolve your confusion, here are ITZY members’ comparisons of height and its parameters!

ITZY’s Tallest Members: Yuna vs Yeji

itzy yeji yuna height comparison

Yeji is the leader of ITZY. As a leader, Yeji has a lot of charisma and good leadership skills. Meanwhile, Yuna is the youngest ITZY member who always brings joy with her bright smile. These two members are known as the tallest members in ITZY. At first, Yeji took first place as the tallest with a height of 170 cm. But, as time went by, Yuna overtook Yeji’s height. She’s accrued 3 cm recently. More precisely, she’s 1 cm taller than Yeji.

itzy yuna yeji height

Yuna is called the giant maknae because she’s very tall and can still be taller again at her young age. With her height of 171 cm, Yuna’s weight is 48 kg, and it’s plenty ideal. Meanwhile, Yeji’s weight is 46 kg.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong vs Ryujin

chaeryeong ryujin height comparison

Apparently, Ryujin is Chaeryeong’s rival in height because Ryujin can still become taller again from her current height. Ryujin’s height is 165 cm, and Chaeryeong’s height is 168 cm. Although it isn’t exactly the same, whenever Ryujin stands next to Chaeryeong, they look like they are the same height.

It can be seen during a V-Live broadcast. They were reading MIDZY’s comments that talked about Yuna’s height, and suddenly, Yuna said, “Ryujin is taller.” Then, Chaeryeong immediately answered, “No.” The members said that Ryujin is as tall as Chaeryeong now, and she’s definitely taller so it makes Chaeryeong get nervous.

itzy ryujin chaeryeong height
itzy ryujin chaeryeong height

You can look at their photos below here!

itzy ryujin chaeryeong height
pinterest.comitzy ryujin chaeryeong height

ITZY’s Shortest Member: Lia

itzy height order

Everybody knows that Lia is the shortest member of ITZY. She’s 163 cm. As the shortest, Lia sometimes is teased by fans and the members, but she enjoys it. Though, sometimes, her boots or heels are higher so her height is similar to the other members.

If Lia is next to Yeji and Yuna, her height will be 7-8 cm under, and she looks so tiny if compared to them.

itzy lia yeji height
itzy yeji lia

However, if Lia is standing next to Chaeryeong or Ryujin, she doesn’t see the height comparison between Lia and Chaeryeong-Ryujin.

itzy height order

So, that’s all the information regarding ITZY members’ height order and comparisons. After reading this article, don’t forget to put your thoughts in the comment section. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial as well as check out our website to get more articles!