Are You New to ITZY? Let’s Check Out ITZY’s Fandom Name, Colors, Light Stick, and Meaning!

ITZY Fandom name

Get to Know More about ITZY’s Fandom Name!

On February 11, 2019, JYP Entertainment debuted a new girl group under the agency named ITZY by releasing their debut song “DALLA DALLA.” This group consists of 5 talented and beautiful girls named Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Chaeryeong, and Shin Yuna, the youngest member. They were successful in their debut became popular as a rookie group. They also got a lot of attention and love from people. Now, they have a lot of fans. Every K-pop idol must have a name for their fans, so what is ITZY’s fandom name?

To answer the question, Channel-Korea will provide information about ITZY’s fandom name, including their light stick, colors, and the meaning of their fandom name. So, keep reading this article!

What Is ITZY’s Fandom Name?

For 4 months after debut, ITZY fans didn’t have an official name. During that time, their fans gave their opinions about their fandom name such as ITzU, BITZY, and many more. Finally, on July 8, 2019, JYP Entertainment announced their official fandom name of ITZY, named MIDZY (믿지).

Through ITZY’s Twitter account @ITZYofficial, they released an official name for their fans. So many fans were excited about this announcement, but some of their fans also disagreed about it. They said that TITZY is better than MIDZY.

Their fandom (MIDZY) also has an official fandom color, neon.

ITZY’s Fandom Name Meaning (MIDZY)

After announcing their official fandom name, many people were really happy and confused at the same time. It is because they didn’t know about MIDZY’s meaning. MIDZY (믿지 ) comes from the Korean words 믿어 which has the meaning of trust/to believe in someone. MIDZY really has a meaningful name. The real meaning is “their fans trust in ITZY” and ITZY trusts in them.

ITZY’s Official Light Stick

Besides the fandom name, a light stick also is one of the identities of K-pop idols. In each group, they have a different design and color for their light stick, like ITZY. This group has a unique design. While other idols have an elongated light stick, ITZY has a light ring. In July 2020, ITZY introduced its light ring to MIDZY. The basic color of the light ring is white with a futuristic design.

These light rings have various colors and modes. MIDZY can choose what they want such as flashing, flickering, etc. MIDZY welcomed this light ring enthusiastically, and they immediately pre-ordered to get the light ring. This group is very different!

ITZY Released a Song for MIDZY

MIDZY really loves ITZY, and also IZTY loves its fans so much. MIDZY always gives them support and spirit so they can keep on working. ITZY is very grateful to have MIDZY, and they repaid MIDZY’s love by giving a surprise song titled “MIDZY.”

The song was released after ITZY held an online fan meeting called “First FANS PARTY LIVE” on March 20, 2021, along with global MIDZY. They have two versions of this song, namely Korean and English.

Before this, ITZY had also released a special song for MIDZY titled “So in Love” in October 2020. You have to listen to “MIDZY” while reading the meaning, so here is the video!

So, that’s all the information about ITZY’s fandom name, light stick, meaning, and IZTY’s song for MIDZY. What do you think about ITZY and MIDZY? Are you a part of MIDZY? Don’t forget to put your thoughts in the comment section!