Things You Should Know About ITZY’s Diet Plan

ITZY’s Members Weight Loss


The weight loss experienced by K-Pop members is usually what fans notice the most because every idol works in front of the camera, and they need to be performed with a perfect appearance. Therefore, K-Pop idols must also maintain their image to look perfect in front of the public.

In this session, you will be invited to see the transformation of ITZY’s members before and after diet, so you can see how much weight loss they experienced. Make sure you do not skip any information in this session below!

ITZY’s Members Before Diet

ITZY's Diet Plan

ITZY’s Yuna has been known as one of the members with a good and thin body shape since she was pre-debut. Some pre-debut pictures also show that she was born with a thin body, and not much change was seen when she made her debut and diet.

ITZY's Diet Plan

ITZY’s Chaeryeong also has had no changes in body shape since pre-debut until she debuted as ITZY’s member. The member who is one of the longest trainees at JYP Entertainment does seem to have a slim body that suits him, not too fat or not too skinny.

ITZY's Diet Plan

The group’s vocalist, Lia, looked a bit chubbier during the pre-debut era, and she lost a lot of weight after her debut. You can see from her hands and cheeks that she is a little bit chubbier than her recent appearance. If you’re aware of ITZY’s Lia’s appearance, she is one of the skinniest members of the group right now.

ITZY's Diet Plan

The oldest member of ITZY, Yeji, is also known for having a skinny and muscular body after debuting as an idol. Many people praised her because, despite her tiny body, she can also make strong dance moves and challenging choreography. But if you’re looking at her pre-debut pictures and seeing her before her debut appearance, she looks healthy, and her cheeks are also a little bit chubby, making her appearance looks cute!

ITZY's Diet Plan

ITZY’s Ryujin was popular back days before she debuted as an idol. However, it also made much attention fall on her after she successfully debuted as ITZY’s member. Looking at her pre-debut pictures, she doesn’t have many transformations, especially in losing weight. Her body shape looks pretty much the same so far.

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ITZY’s Members After Diet

ITZY's Diet Plan

Fans highlight Lia’s thin body. They expressed concern that the 2000-born idol’s body looked thinner. After ITZY’s appearance on ‘KBS Gayo Dachukje 2019’, fans noticed that Lia had lost weight quickly. One fan even posted photos of Lia in the “Dalla Dalla” debut era and her current appearance for comparison.

ITZY's Diet Plan

Many fans assume Lia has worked too hard since ITZY debuted in February 2019. However, some of them said that it seems that she is experiencing stress or is on a strict diet program. “Am I the only one noticing Lia’s weight loss? Her arms are so skinny, I’m so worried,” said one fan.

Another member, Ryujin, is also in the spotlight of many people because the photo taken on October 31, 2021, made fans panic because her body is considered too thin and no longer contains as before. Here, fans notice how the idol’s wrists and thighs look so small.

ITZY's Diet Plan

Ryujin also attracted attention during the live broadcast on November 4, 2021 for her slender face and thin cheeks. Losing weight did improve Ryujin’s outward appearance, but it was also judged to make her “less cute”. Fans believe that Ryujin is already charming, so there’s no need to follow the standard of “thin body”.

Compared to last year’s “Wannabe” era, Ryujin did look thinner when ITZY made a comeback with ‘LOCO’. This has also caught the attention of netizens, who also realized that Ryujin is now thinner.

ITZY's Diet Plan

“She’s lost weight since the ‘Mafia In The Morning’ era, but this time it’s the thinnest,” commented a netizen. “She used to have sexy hips; now she looks like other idols,” said another netizen.

Through Bubble’s post, Yuna shared her weight in kilograms during a conversation with her fans. she revealed that her current weight is 46.8kg. Yuna is known to be 170cm tall and is the tallest member of her group. The 2003-born idol is also famous for her thin waist, based on photos of fans outside the studio.

ITZY's Diet Plan

There are lots of super skinny female idols. But seeing Yuna’s height, everyone started to worry about her health. Moreover, ITZY’s choreography is known to be exhausting.

“Wow, she is very skinny,” commented netizens. “Please eat more and I hope she is healthy even though she is skinny,” added another netizen. “Seriously, she is so skinny. she is more than 170cm but weighs only 46 kg. This is crazy. I think she weighs at least 48kg,” wrote a netizen.

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There are many options for fans to do their diet method, and one of the tips from ITZY’s members can also be used as an experiment for those who want to lose weight. But the thing to remember is not to be too extreme to go on a diet! Don’t forget to also provide support for ITZY’s members. Hopefully, they can shine even more in the future.