Jo Yi-seo vs Oh Soo-ah: Who Do You Ship Park Saeroyi with in ‘Itaewon Class’?

Park Saeroyi and Oh Soo-ah’s Relationship

Park Sae-ro-yi knew Oh So-ah since childhood days. Oh, So-ah is Park Sae-ro-Yi’s schoolmate and first love. Oh, So-ah had a difficult childhood. Her mother abandoned her, and she was taken care of by Park Sae-ro-Yi’s family. Due to Park Sae-ro-Yi’s father accident, she earned a scholarship from Jangga Group, the company that Park Sae-ro-Yi is trying to defeat.

Both Park Sae-ro-yi and Oh Soo-ah have a feeling for each other. They are childhood friends and have a strong family connection. After completing her study, she became the manager in Jangga Group. She was hesitant in deciding her choice between her love in Park Sae-ro-Yi dan her job in Jangga Group.

Oh, Soo-ah is his first love. Since their high school days, Park Sae-ro-yi had a crush with her. Oh, Soo-ah realized his feelings but she felt comfortable with him albeit as a friend. It was the reason that she gave her phone number. However, She warned him to not fall in love with her. Always a determined guy, Park Sae-ro-yi confessed his feelings. He always had a crush for Oh Soo-ah.

Park Sae-ro-yi escorted Oh Soo-ah all the way to her house. On their way, he talked about the lonely feelings when living in prison. He thanked Oh So-ah for continuously sending a supporting letter so that he felt less lonely. It was a difficult period for her as well since her mother left her alone. Both of them realize that in the world, they had each other to support. Oh, Soo-ah was extremely touched by his words. In front of her house, Oh Soo-ah asked him to visit more often. She made a bold request and asked him to spend the night with her.

While going out on a date, Oh Soo-ah confessed her feeling to Park Sae-ro-yi. At the time, both of them have the same romantic and caring feelings to each other. Unfortunately, Jo Yi-seo was around spying her boss. Jo Yi-seo stopped Oh Soo-ah just before she kissed her.

That was all the information about Park Sae-ro-Yi and Jo Yi-SEO or Oh Soo-ah relationship. Which relationship that got your heart flutter? Which loving relationship should prevail? Find out by watching Itaewon Class until the last episode!