From Baek Yerin to (G)-IDLE’s Soojin: Here’s a List Of K-Pop Female Idols Who Have Pretty Tattoos

(G)-IDLE’s Soojin


(G)I-DLE is a girl group that just debuted in 2018 and promoted under CUBE Entertainment, with their senior girl group, 4Minute, from the same agency at that time. (G)I-DLE is a girl group that has many unique concepts and the members also have different auras and characteristics than others. One of them is Soojin, who is a member who gets a lot of attention from fans because of her unique visual appearance and the several tattoos on her body.

Without diminishing her confidence, Soojin, who had just passed the 1 year rookie period with the other members, was the only member who dared to have more than one tattoo on her body. Soojin is also confident in her mini-tattoo which she often shows when performing with the members of (G)I-DLE.

The little heart tattoo on Soojin’s right shoulder often gets the attention of the audience and fans also notice the cross tattoo that is exactly the same as HyunA’s, she had it on the left side of her back. The tattoo became part of Soojin’s identity and also added to her aura and charisma when performing on stage.

Recently, after (G)I-DLE’s promotion with their last comeback, “Uh-Oh,” Soojin was seen with some of her new tattoos like the one on the right hand that reads the number “1849” which is the ID number that Soojin and her mother often used a while ago. Soojin also appeared in public with her new tattoo that reads “self love is the best love” along the left forearm.

Member of (G)I-DLE who was born in Gyeonggi-do, on March 9th, 1998, also has hidden tattoos on the back of her neck, just like the mini tattoo Taeyeon has, but Soojin’s reads “BLUE.” Besides that, Soojin has a mini tattoo hidden in the right front ribs that has a cherry-like picture but until now nobody is sure what that shape is.

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin seems to be very happy with all of her mini tattoos and she loves to upload photos of them on Instagram posts too.

AOA’s Jimin

Jimin is a girl group member under FNC Entertainment, AOA. This girl group debuted in 2012 and carries the subunit with the band’s theme, AOA Black. Jimin is a charismatic member and has her own unique characteristics besides her excellent rap skills and her distinctive voice causing people to pay attention to her.

AOA’s Jimin also participated in Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar and she also showed her rap skills well in front of many people and received a lot of praise for her performance outside of promotions with AOA.

In addition to her increasingly popular talent, AOA’s Jimin is also deemed as one of the female idols who are fierce because of the fashion style and also the mini tattoos she has, which now are around 20 in total.

Jimin was also present in an interview with Allure Magazine a while ago and she explained the tattoos that are often seen on her body. There are 2 mini tattoos drawn using the hand poke method, on the arm near the left elbow that has a tree image and also a mini tattoo of a rocker with his guitar on the inside of her left arm. Jimin said that the tattooed rocker was one of her dreams to become a rocker.

Beside that, one of Jimin’s biggest tattoos is on the left upper arm with a picture of a rabbit. Jimin, who was born on January 8th, 1991, said that in her childhood she often carried a rabbit doll wherever she went and now she decided to make one of the tattoos on her arm with a picture of her favorite rabbit doll.

Jimin also has a lot of hidden mini tattoos scattered on various body parts, such as on the right wrist on the left side and upper arm with the shape of omelets, the left shoulder with a small heart shape with a ribbon motif on the edges, jagged rings on her right ring finger, mini burger tattoos on the left elbow on left side, and some tattoo that reads “DO WHAT YOU LOVE” on the back of her neck and on the left upper thigh with a tattoo that reads “I love your mess.”

Jimin was also seen often posting hidden mini tattoo photos on her body via Instagram, where the mini tattoo was located on the back of the foot, along the inner arm, wrist, back of the shoulder and the upper arm inside.

Jimin also has a number of tattoos that have deep meanings such as the “EL” and “VIS” tattoos which are devoted to the fans on the left index and middle fingers.

Recently she also showed off a tattoo under the thumb that reads “MA” where this tattoo has a partner, “TE,” placed in the same position as AOA’s Seolhyun’s. This tattoo is a sign of their friendship that exceeds 8 years and they will be good friends forever.

Amber Liu

Amber Liu, or also known as the member of a girl group under SM Entertainment, f(x), is also another female K-Pop idol who is popular with her signature tattoo along her right arm that was fully drawn from her shoulder until wrist.

Amber Liu expressed her image and was very confident with herself after she got tattooed and it was noticed by her fans. Amber Liu’s tattoos have upgraded throughout the years since she started with a simple one drawn on her arm and it went up until her shoulder and now it’s a very beautiful sleeve tattoo. Other than the one on her shoulder, Amber Liu also has some tattoos on her back.

Since then, she began to appear in public without hiding her tattoos on the right arm and made many people amazed with her self-confidence level. Amber Liu was still promoting as a singer in South Korea when her appearance with tattoos got noticed by the public and then she started her own career as she ended her contract with SM Entertainment and released her own songs in 2019.

Amber Liu also appeared in magazines while showing off her beautiful tattoo that was inked on her body. Some of the mini tattoos can be seen under her left collarbone which is drawn with 4 people and fans have assumed that it represents the 4 members of f(x), Victoria, Luna, Krystal, and Sulli.

Many K-Pop idols now are given a chance to express themselves to the fullest and these female idols have inspired us to be whatever we want and do what we love. Let’s keep supporting them in everything they are going through and give them love for their music, works, comebacks, and upcoming events.