From Baek Yerin to (G)-IDLE’s Soojin: Here’s a List Of K-Pop Female Idols Who Have Pretty Tattoos

TWICE’s Chae-young

The tattoos that TWICE’s Chaeyoung has are not in hidden parts of the body like some other idols’. Instead, this member of TWICE actually has a line of tattoos on the arm. Interestingly, the tattoo of this beautiful vocalist and rapper seems to be able to complete her appearance.

In addition, Chaeyoung also mentioned several times that the tattoo she had was her own design. Chaeyoung is known as one of the TWICE members who has a high artistic spirit and she also once designed one of the merchandise with shoes that she drew herself.

On several occasions when TWICE performed on music shows, Chaeyeon who wore a crop top and showed the shoulder area until her arms were stealing the attention of the fans that her mini tattoo was quite unique.

Fruits such as tomatoes on the left front arm, 4 carrots lined up in the area near the palm of the hand, 4 flowers on 3 fingers, and strawberry shaped like lips on the left inner wrist area are clearly visible as adorable decorations compared to tattoos which make someone’s appearance more fierce.

TWICE’S Chaeyoung was also seen to have a mini tattoo on the back of her right ear that had a heart pierced by an arrow that meant emotionally hurt feelings of love and romance.

In TWICE’s last schedule, Chaeyoung was also seen with her new tattoo with a picture of a fish located near the elbow on the left side and the design looked different from the mini tattoo that had previously been seen all over her arms.

Tattoo drawn with black ink was not so clearly seen but after fans asked Chaeyoung, she explained that the tattoo was a picture of a fish that she had designed by herself.


HyunA is one of the most popular female idols in South Korea. Aside from being famous throughout her career which began as a member of a girl group under Cube Entertainment, 4Minute, HyunA also has her own characteristics in many ways such as excellent rap skills, distinctive voice, and energetic and sexy charisma when performing on stage.

HyunA is also famous as one of the female idols who have had tattoos for quite a long time with the words “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive” on her upper back. HyunA is very confident with her tattoo that is often shown at various shows and performances when she wears a shirt or costume that shows off her body.

Not long after that, HyunA returned to the public with her new tattoo on the upper arm with a cross on it. Although the tattoo looks very simple, HyunA’s tattoo collection is increasingly adding charisma and character that is more and more powerful.

After the two tattoos, HyunA also added a tattoo on the right arm inside that reads “tempus” which means time and “Fatum” which means what has been spoken on the lower back.

HyunA also got a few new tattoos after that by adding a collection of mini tattoos on the back of her ears that are heart-shaped and drawn in pink ink and also on the top of the left shoulder that reads ‘אֱמוּנָה’ which means faith or faithfulness in Hebrew.

On both sides of HyunA’s elbows, there are also two tattoos that say “I AM” and “SPECIAL” on the back of both arms. Thus, the meaning of the two tattoos that HyunA has is high self-love for herself and she also really appreciates her hard work so far because she has done many special things.

On her ribs side, HyunA also has a mini tattoo that reads “199XJ” which is one of the old tattoos on her body. Many fans responded to the tattoo found on HyunA’s body by commenting on Ilgan Sports via Nate, such as: “Can we stop calling this has been a sexy queen? There are so many better idols these days … ㅡ ㅡ “ “You have to admit that women with scribble-like tattoos all over their bodies look messy.”

“I understand wanting to look sexy when you’re young but youth does not last that long in the grand scheme of human life…” The comments are mostly from South Korean citizens and they don’t seem to like HyunA’s style, which fills her body with tattoos.

Recently, HyunA has added some new pieces to her mini tattoo collection in the area around her hands and fingers. It can be clearly seen in the photo above that HyunA also has a red thin line tattoo on her left arm. Tattoos drawn with colorful ink include emoji images “😐 😊 😣 😵” on her wrist or forearm and there are also some small tattoos on the top that have Saturn and little stars and tattoos that say “THAT” on the same arm and, if you look in more detail at HyunA’s thumb there is also a mini tattoo that reads “LOVE.”

On some fingers, HyunA also has a number of mini tattoos that are shaped like a ring and also the letter “H” under her left thumb which is the initials of her name, HyunA, and a mini tattoo that reads “LIKE.”

What do you think about HyunA’s tattoos? Do you think that they suit her image?


Hyolyn is known as a member of a girl group under Starship Entertainment, SISTAR, and they are included as a popular girl group of her era. SISTAR often made comebacks with sexy concepts and they have a lot of clothes that expose their beautiful bodies. Even so, one of the members of SISTAR, Hyolyn, who is currently working on her solo career as a singer under Bridge, which is her personal agency, is not confident in her past performance.

Hyolyn also explained in detail why she had a large cross tattoo on her abdomen in addition to increasing the level of confidence, Hyolyn said that the tattoo was drawn to hide scars on the abdomen, which she had since she was a child. Hyolyn then explained that she was born with the condition Chylous Ascites, a condition in which the body stops digesting certain fats, then stores them as a strange liquid in the stomach.

Hyolyn said that the tattoo had a very deep meaning in her life and the symbol of the cross was the meaning of her faith and so that she could still work hard in music and singing. Even so, Hyolyn still gets negative comments from netizens because of the tattoo on her body. “Uh, Hyolin’s face always scares me. You call it a diva, really,” teased the netters. “She looks like a woman who only undresses. Who said the tattoo was beautiful, the tattoo is ugly,” added the others.

There is also a Bible quote which is a mini tattoo on the side of the wrist that reads “Joshua 1: 9,” a small cross on the front wrist and a tattoo that says “daughter of Jesus” on her left arm.

In addition to the cross tattoo that is often exposed, Hyolyn also has a collection of hidden tattoos, like the one on her lower back that reads “Jesus Christ” and mini tattoos such as the one on the heel of the foot that reads “pray continually,” “ΙΧΘΥΣ” (read: ichthus) with a fish symbol which means Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.