From Baek Yerin to (G)-IDLE’s Soojin: Here’s a List Of K-Pop Female Idols Who Have Pretty Tattoos

Find Out More About Female K-Pop Idols With Pretty Tattoos!

Most of the K-Pop idols have cute and girly personalities that could make people fall in love with them. However, there are some K-Pop idols who have chosen to show a different type of character in the K-Pop industry and prove that you can be a successful K-Pop artist in a distinctive manner. These idols don’t want to be like the other mainstream K-Pop idols so they decide to proudly stand out and look badass in their appearance.

In this article, we’re going to find out more about female K-Pop idols or entertainers who have pretty tattoos on their bodies. By those means, the tattoos have become part of their identity and a way to express themselves in front of many people.

Well, let’s not wait any longer and find out who are the female K-Pop idols who have pretty tattoos!

Baek Ye-rin

Baek Yerin, or better known as one of the members of the duo 15 &, debuted from the K-Pop Star survival show in 2012 promoted under JYP Entertainment until they ended their contracts and parted ways in their careers.

Baek Yerin is known as one of the female singers who has beautiful visuals and a sweet voice. She also often performs and sings RnB or Jazz songs in many shows. The woman born in Daejeon, South Korea, on June 25th, 1997, is now active in her promotions with the indie band, The Volunteer, and often performs on live music shows. The appearance of Baek Yerin after leaving JYP Entertainment attracted a lot of attention from fans and the general public because her new appearance with tattoos made this woman more confident.

The tattoo with flowers on her arm is one of the most inviting of fans’ attention because it looks very pretty for Baek Yerin.

Then, Baek Yerin uploaded several more detailed photos related to tattoos that are hidden in several parts of her body. The tattoo of a rose and butterfly on Baek Yerin’s stomach seems to be covering almost half of her body but still looks aesthetic and very beautiful.

Besides that, the tattoo hiding in another part of Baek Yerin’s body is on the left thigh. The tattoo was drawn in pink ink and if we look in more detail through the image uploaded by Baek Yerin, the tattoo is a series of roses that form into a heart shape.

Let’s take a look at some of Baek Yerin’s performances on stage that show her beautiful tattoos and her charisma as a radiating singer.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon is the leader of the legendary South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, which is famous for one of its top songs, “Gee.” Other than having a beautiful visual appearance and skin as pale as porcelain, Taeyeon, who was born in 1989, is also known as one of the idols who have a distinctive character with mini tattoos that are all over her body.

Even so, Taeyeon still looks very elegant, pure and beautiful with the tattoos. One of the tattoos that are often seen by fans is a tattoo that reads “Cool” on her shoulder.

The tattoo was uploaded on one of Taeyeon’s tattooists’ Instagram accounts, @playground_tat2, who opened his tattoo shop located in Hongdae, Seoul and this is one of the tattoos that are on Taeyeon’s body.

Furthermore, Taeyeon has a Pisces sign tattoo behind her left ear. This tattoo has the meaning of Taeyeon’s zodiac because she was born on March 9th. The tattoo of the Pisces sign is the first tattoo that fans noticed since the promotion of Girls’ Generation during the comeback with “Lion Heart.”

Taeyeon also has a mini tattoo drawn on her right thumb that reads “I.” This tattoo is interpreted as the title song of her solo debut in 2015 which is one of the moments where Taeyeon began her solo career as a singer outside of her promotions as a member of Girls’ Generation.

Other than her mini tattoos of various shapes, Taeyeon also has another collection of tattoos among which the word “serenity” written on the back of her arm. On the tattoo font, TY is deliberately made larger as the initials of her name, Tae Yeon. This tattoo is one of Taeyeon’s mini-tattoo collections that is most often seen because it is drawn on the more exposed part of her arm.


In her career as a solo singer, Taeyeon has a number of hits that are often sung when performing and there are also many people and fans who like Taeyeon’s songs. In addition to her solo debut song which she used as a mini tattoo collection, Taeyeon’s comeback in 2017 with the single, “Fine,” also became a tattoo on the right middle finger with the letter “F.”

On the inside of Taeyeon’s left middle finger, she also has a mini tattoo depicting a small fish. The tattoo image is also interpreted as a sign of Taeyeon’s zodiac sign, Pisces.

Taeyeon has passed her career after more than 10 years as a singer and is now one of the most famous solo singers in South Korea with her golden voice and excellent vocals. Taeyeon was also often nominated for the Best Singer Award at several award ceremonies and has won several awards for her solo career. Taeyeon’s mini tattoo hidden in the back of her neck became the center of attention of the fans behind her writing “Purpose,” which has the meaning that Taeyeon has found her life purpose as a singer.

Besides having mini tattoos with text and images that can be considered very simple but beautiful and have a special meaning, Taeyeon also has UV tattoos that glow in the dark and can only be seen under the light that is often used in clubs or bars. On the Instagram account, @playground_tat2, there are 2 UV mini tattoos belonging to Taeyeon with a light on her index finger and “NASA” on her wrist. But the UV mini tattoo that reads “NASA” has now been deleted by the owner of the account.

Taeyeon also has another mini tattoo on her inner middle finger with the shape of a gun that was revealed on the @playground_tat2 Instagram account.

In 2019, Taeyeon was seen with her new tattoo which was very simple in the form of a line around her thumb like she was using a ring. The mini tattoo was seen when Taeyeon had just returned from shooting JTBC’s “Begin Again” and fans noticed that it was Taeyeon’s newest tattoo.