Is BLACKPINK Rude? Find The Truth Here!

is blackpink rude

BLACKPINK Is the Rudest or the Best South Korean Girl Group?

BLACKPINK is one of the successful K-pop girl groups in South Korea and even internationally. Their fandom, BLINK, has been spread over the world with massive support globally. However, when it comes to popularity, it usually also comes with jealousy. Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo are often called rude, inappropriate, bad, and other negative labels.

So, let’s get to know if BLACKPINK is really considered rude or not in this Channel-Korea article! Stay reading!

Is BLACKPINK Rude or Not in Real Life?

On some sources, some people who claim to be fans say BLACKPINK is arrogant and not down to earth off stage.

As a famous girl group, this kind of rumor arose since they are doing amazing with their careers and music. No one can prove that BLACKPINK is rude in real life. Everything is just an assumption and is possibly an envious action to take them down.

The Reason Why BLACKPINK Is Called Rude

The reason why BLACKPINK is called rude is because of their elegant and intimidating visuals. Lisa is the only member of BLACKPINK that is a foreigner; she comes from Thailand. She has badass vibes with rapping and incredible dancing skills. Since she excels with talent and stage performances, this may invite people to find something out about her that could break the image.

Rosé has a unique voice and vibrant image. This is also considered something that people don’t like about her success in BLACKPINK.

Jennie has cool, expensive beauty and impressive rapping skills. Her talents made people consider her rude by only looking at her appearance. She is also even called a lazy member just because she lacks dancing appearances during some periods of stage performances. Later, it was revealed that she suffered injuries, hurt her ankle several times, and was often rushed to the hospital.

Jisoo has a pretty visual and beautiful voice. Her beauty and talents may make people assume she is arrogant and rude.

After all, it seems BLACKPINK is the rudest because they have been doing great. The real BLINKS know that they do their best in their careers to be where they are right now. There’s no proof about BLACKPINK being rude, especially intentionally.

Moments BLACKPINK Possibly Appeared Rude

BLACKPINK has thousands of fans all over the world and probably some of them look at them as rude. It’s normal if people get upset and look angry if something bad happens to them. After all, we are human and have feelings.

BLACKPINK even got overwhelmed with sasaengs when they arrived at the Philippines airport to do a world concert. People who didn’t understand the situation might assume they were rude to fans, but actually, it isn’t the case. Consider that they had been through many schedules and were tired when they met crazy fans suddenly.

Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie never appear rude. They are just humans who do the best for their passions, life, and careers. Let’s support BLACKPINK and send them positive messages always. What do you think about this? Give your thoughts and share them on Twitter, too!