Profile of Red Velvet’s Irene: Age, Height, Dating, Sister, and Facts

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The Flawless Look And Figure of Red Velvet’s Irene

Here is Irene, the only leader of Red Velvet. Her real name is Bae Joo Hyun. Irene was born on March 29, 1991 in Daegu. Apart from being a singer with Red Velvet, Irene is an actress and television host as well. Her looks are no joke. She is always being compared to Girls Generation’s Yoona and F(x)’s Krystal who are better known as her seniors at SM Entertainment. She attended Haknam High School in Daegu. She joined SM Entertainment in 2009 and trained for five years before debuting as the Red Velvet leader.

Below we get up close and personal with the beautiful Irene. Let’s check it out!

Profile of Irene

Stage Name: Irene (아이린)

Birth Name: Bae Ju Hyun (배주현)

Birthday: March 29, 1991

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 160 cm (5’3″) (Official) / 158 cm (5’2″)(Approx. real height)*

Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Chinese Name: Péi Zhū Xuàn (裴珠泫)

Nicknames: Baechu, The 2nd Tiffany, Hyun-ah

Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea

Position in group: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the Group

Languages: Korean

Hobbies: Dancing, cooking seaweed soup for other members’ birthdays

Siblings: Younger sibling

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat

Family: Mother, Father, and a younger sibling.

Habits: Holding hands and linking arms.

Personality: Shy type

Specialties: Acting, Rap.

Outfit Number: 43

School: Haknam High School

Favorite Food: She eats everything, except chicken.

Irene’s Plastic Surgery Issue

The prettiest face in the K-pop field, Irene’s pictures in past were revealed.

Everyone, especially the boys, have to agree that Irene has a goddess face among K-pop idols now. In fact that before she debuted as a member of Red Velvet and became the leader, a lot of people were gossiping about her flawless face, and praising her a lot. In addition, Irene was popular during her long period as an SM Entertainment trainee too. As we know that she is 28 years old in Korean age, she is included an older idol member rather than another K-pop idol member of a young age in this Korean industry era. Perhaps that is the reason why Irene had a long training period, because she has many awesome  images in the past. Take a look at the pictures below. You can compare these past pictures to recent pictures of her, and see if she had plastic surgery or not?

Is it obvious that her natural beauty is true? Bless Irene and her almost-perfect face.


Irene’s Dating Rumors

Finally Irene talked about her feelings for Park Bo Gum, referring to the dating rumors between her and famous actor Park Bo Gum.

Radio Star invited Irene as a guest on December 7th, 2017. The show aired and caught much attention because she revealed her true feelings towards the handsome popular actor, Park Bo Gum.

Both Irene and Bo Gum really looked like a match as a visual couple within their jobs as KBS Music Bank hosts. Their chemistry was undeniable, and they looked really sweet and romantic together. They both sometimes made a lovey dovey gestures that led to perceptions that Irene and Bo Gum may be dating in real life. But, when questioned about her point of view about the matter, Irene easily answered, “I didn’t even know there were any dating rumors…”

After that, there is Suho who is rumored to be close to Irene. As one of her label mates, the two are probably close to each other. Their fans pointed out that Irene was often caught glancing at Suho, or ignoring the EXO leader’s lame jokes though Suho debuted ahead of her. Everyone knows that Irene and Suho were born in the same year. Perhaps it is a reason why they seem really close, although Suho is a senior to Irene.

Suho, himself, is always trying to get closer with Red Velvet members and frequently appeared as the biggest fanboy of Red Velvet on many occasions. Their lovely looks are also a main point why Irene and Suho are always issued as an SM couple.

This dating rumors begin with a trivial thing, starting with the most searched keyword via Korean search engine. When netizen typed “SsamD” (Simon Dominic’s nickname) into Naver, Irene’s name popped out at the first line of the lists. Ands we know that netizens are really curious about any celebrity couples, and they keep searching key terms for the inside information that leads to the most famous search terms. Therefore, the Simon D and Irene dating rumor was started.

These two idols were partnered as romantic soulmates for Ceci Magazine. Through the pictures and the behind the scenes videos, EXO-L and ReVeluv were able to see the cute and sweet chemistry between them. Both of them deserved a lot of praise because of their amazing chemistry that just looked too natural, like a real couple. It is too lucky to be Irene then.

And the last one there is BTS’s V whose photos were being edit with Irene’s photos. Some fans wanted a romance story between the two, and so many manipulated pictures were spread online between the two. It seemed real. Their fans have commented that V and Irene looked so cute together in one frame. They even commented that Irene and V had similar good looking faces, and really suited each other.