An Introduction into CUBE Entertainment: Profile, Controversy, Artists and More

Company’s Stock Movement
  • Increase₩ 24.42 bil (2017)
  • ₩19.47 bil (2016)
  • ₩ 22.3 mil (2015)
Net income
  • Decrease₩ -979 mil (2017)
  • ₩ -5.2 bil (2016)
  • ₩ -5.5 bil (2015)
  • SidusHQ (30.61%)
  • Hong Seung-sung (14.64%)
  • Yong-Ju Jeon (0.49%)
  • (2019)

Global Audition

Same as the other Entertainment agencies, like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, etc., Cube Entertainment has been open to new talents that will eventually become their artists. On their website, they have an annual global audition. The latest one they will be holding will take place in Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia. Some of the eligibility criteria to get an audition with Cube Entertainment are listed below.

Latest News

There is an issue regarding Kang Daniel joining Konnect Entertainment and leaving Cube Entertainment. In fact, earlier this month, Konnect Entertainment posted a job vacancy in the agency and is actively searching and hiring as well. On June 28th, some trusted source reported a Cube Entertainment executive has also resigned to join Konnect Entertainment and attended a meeting with music broadcasts for Kang Daniel’s solo debut.

As a response to this news, Cube Entertainment has made a statement, “We heard about this. However, his resignation and transfer are not yet confirmed.”

Earlier this month, Cube Japan has opened a monthly audition in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

That’s all about Cube Entertainment. Cheering to all the artists to let the world know their talent and signature. What is your opinion about this South Korean entertainment? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the section below!