An Introduction into CUBE Entertainment: Profile, Controversy, Artists and More

Get To Know CUBE Entertainment, The South Korean Entertainment Label

Cube Entertainment is one of the popular South Korean entertainment companies. This company serves as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, and music publishing house. Cube Entertainment was established in 2006 by Hong Seung-sung who was former President of JYP Entertainment. The label was distributed by Universal Music Korea, CJ E&M Music and Live and LOEN Entertainment. In this Channel-Korea article, we will explain more about Cube Entertainment. Stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts

  • Cube was established in 2006 by Hong Seung Sung and Shin Jung Hwa.
  • In 2017, most of the label music of Cube Entertainment was distributed by Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment), through a partnership agreement.
  • On November 23rd, 2018, Cube established joint label U-Cube with Universal Music Japan as part of a global partnership.
  • Cube Entertainment chose NetEase Music as its strategic partner and a platform to promote in China in 2019.
  • The first two groups debuted in Cube Entertainment are girl group 4Minute that debuted in June and boy band BEAST that debuted in October 2009.

Artist List

The label currently manages several artists, namely Jo Kwon, Jang Hyun-seung, BtoB, CLC, Pentagon, Lai Kuan-lin, Yoo Seon-ho, (G)I-dle, and A Train To Autumn. It also manages several entertainers, including Lee Hwi-jae and Heo Kyung-hwan. It was formerly home to K-Pop artists such as 4Minute, Beast, G.NA, and Roh Ji-hoon.


  • BTOB (2012–present)
  • CLC (2015–present)
  • PENTAGON (2016–present)
  • (G)I-DLE (2018–present)
  • A Train to Autumn (2018–present)


  • Wooseok X Kuanlin (2019–present)

Solo Artists

  • Jang Hyunseung (2009–present)
  • Jo Kwon (2008–present)
  • Yoo Seonho (2017–present)
  • Jeon Soyeon (2017–present)


  • Lai Kuan Lin (2017–present)
  • Han Cho Won (2017–present)


  • Heo Kyeong Hwan (2016–present)
  • Lee Hwee Jae (2018–present)


  • Na Jongchan (2015–present)



Some controversies have happened inside Cube Entertainment. One of them is the change in leadership of this entertainment agency and artist dating rumor. Besides, since the founder’s past relations with JYP Entertainment, people misjudged Cube as a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment, when in fact, it is an independent company.

On August 2nd, 2018, photos of Hyuna with Pentagon’s E’Dawn at their birthday party on June 4th were released. Cube Entertainment denied the rumors that they were dating, however, she and E’Dawn held an interview with Yonhap News. Later that day, they publicly revealed their relationship which began in May 2016. The company responded to Hyuna’s confirmation of the dating rumors by canceling all previously planned performances for Triple H, on-air appearances and fan events including a fan meet-up that was scheduled the next day.

Fans were divided in reactions to the event, with some calling for E’Dawn to be removed from Pentagon, and others focusing on how the company treated them unfairly after releasing the scandal, rather than on their relationship. On September 13th, Cube Entertainment announced that they would be terminating their contracts, citing that they could not “maintain trust” as a reason saying, “After much deliberation, we’ve concluded that the trust between the company and the artists had been damaged to a degree that it cannot be restored, leading us to believe expulsion is necessary,” in its official statement.

However, Cube declared that the situation is still being considered and nothing has been decided yet for them, saying that the issue will be discussed on a board meeting. A senior official said, “The dismissal of Hyuna and E’Dawn was in discussion but not final. We will have to collect opinions a little more. As the artists’ opinions are also important, this is a matter that should be decided carefully through collecting opinions. The departure is not final. Agency officials are having an urgent discussion. As much as possible, we will make decisions based on artists’ opinions.”

On October 15th, Korean media outlet Hyundae News released a letter written by HyunA, and it shed some light on the alleged circumstances surrounding her exit from Cube Entertainment. The letter stated,

To: CEO Shin Dae Nam
As you probably know, the only thing I’ve ever done was do my very best for the Cube Entertainment that exists today.

Firstly, when I was parting ways with JYP, I was on Chairman Hong’s side. Secondly, when there was a conflict between Chairman Hong and President Park Choong Min, I turned down President Park even when he tried to convince me and stood on the side of Chairman Hong. Thirdly, after Cube went public, the only thing I’ve done is do my best to help create the Cube that it has become today.

I don’t know how great of a crime I’ve committed, but since the beginning of September, all of my schedules have been canceled. Then on September 13th, I read the news of my removal. Even though I could’ve been told in person. I accepted everything and received notice of the early cancellation of my contract after a final discussion at the chairman’s home in Mokdong on September 16th. I’ve been told that a general meeting of stockholders will be held and that I would be told the results of the meeting, but I have not heard anything back so far. Things are being delayed with the excuse of above and below when we’re all in the same building.

Every day is torture for me. For these past two months, it has been too difficult for me to wait. I ask that you give a response by the 15th. Then, I would like for the contract to be canceled cleanly and gentlemanly. If I receive no response by then, I will go about it on my own through a press conference on the basis of the facts that have occurred thus far. I ask once again. I’ve only done my very best, deteriorating my health in order to sacrifice for the Cube that exists today. Despite my feelings, my image has hit rock bottom and my reputation has been tarnished because of my removal from Cube.

If you remember our beautiful memories, I ask that you resolve this issue beautifully and amicably. May Cube experience continuous and endless growth. Thank you.

From HyunA 10.04.2018
Sender: Kim HyunA

The former 4minute member also listed three points, including the fact that she took Cube Entertainment founder Hong Seung Sung’s side when she left JYP Entertainment, her second was that she sided with Hong Seung Sung when there was conflict between Mr. Hong and label chairman Park Choong Min, and her third point was that she did her best for her label.

On October 15th, Cube Entertainment officially confirmed Hyuna’s departure, announcing that the record label has reached an agreement with Hyuna to terminate her contract.

On December 27th, CEO Park Choong Min was no longer the CEO of Cube Entertainment. He was changed by a new CEO, named Shin Dae Nam and Kwon Kwang Ho became the new director non-executive of Cube Entertainment. Then, Shin Dae Nam was also appointed as the Yedang Media leader. With this change, many people hoped that no more undesired events will be occurring and they can manage their artists like BTOB, CLC, Pentagon well.