Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Should Know About Song Joong-ki!

Interesting Facts about Famous Korean Actor Song Joong-ki

As we know, Song Joong-ki is one of the most famous AND popular actors in South Korea. His popularity is increasing every day as a result of the wide range of dramas and film’s he’s starred in. Just when you thought he couldn’t become any more well-known, his rising star began to shine even brighter when he married one of the most beautiful and most popular actresses in South Korea, Song Hye-kyo. They starred together in the drama Descendants of the Sun and eventually became so close that they made the shift from co-stars to husband and wife! Considering how well-known he’s become, you might think you are an expert on everything there is to know about Song Joong-ki…but there might be a few more things you’ve haven’t learned about him yet! Let’s check this out!

  1. Did you know? Song Joong-ki was an original member of the hit variety show Running Man, from 2010 to 2011. He left the show to pursue acting, which I think we can all agree was the best decision for him.
  2. He has starred in two music videos, Kim Jong-kook’s Men Are All Like That and Poisonous Tongue by Tei. He agreed to star in Jong Kook’s video for free because they’re Running Man brothers. I guess that time on the show together was good for something!
  3. His best friend is Lee Kwang-soo. The two are so close that Song Joong-ki even used one of his available leave days during his military service to attend Kwang-soo’s sister’s wedding.
  4. When Song Joong-ki was a child he was extremely shy. His parents noticed this, and to try and improve the situation they had him enroll in various social activities. One of the things they signed him up for was acting classes! I bet they never would have guessed back then what a good investment those lessons were.
  5. Song Joog-ki has two siblings, but little in common with either one of them. Some say his older brother is very different from him in quite a lot of ways! His sister Song Seul-ki is seven years younger than him, making them practically both only children.
  6. In junior high school, he was a short-track speed skater. He even participated in the National Games three times, and won some awards at other large meets.
  7. This young athlete even played as a national speed skater on the 2009 drama Triple. Unfortunately, Song Joong-ki had to give up being a speed skater because of an injury.
  8. Song Joong-ki can not handle any alcohol. Period.
  9. When he dates, he’s the type to stay in long-term relationships with one person. Isn’t that what every girl wants? Ahhhh…..
  10. Song Joong-Ki began his mandatory military enlistment on August 27, 2013.
  11. His fan club is called Ki Aile, which means Song Joong-ki’s wings.
  12. In addition to being an incredible entertainer, Song Joong-ki is also an academic. He was a college student at Sungkyunkwan University, majoring Business Economics.
  13. Song Joong-ki eventually graduated with a Business Administration degree in 2012 from this prestigious university. He originally earned his spot there by scoring 380 out of 400 in the National College Entrance exam.
  14. Song Joong-ki prefers women with long hair.
  15. He earned straight A’s in all his classes during his high school days. He even won an award for perfect attendance, and was the student body president. Such a model student!
  16. In an interview one time, Park Bo-young said she wanted to have a brother like Song Joong-ki. So sweet!
  17. He can’t help being noticed because of his appearance, but Song Joong-ki would like to be known for his acting.
  18. Song Joong-ki’s first kiss was in junior high school, at a bus stop, around 11 PM.
  19. During an interview with the SKKS casts, he chose Yoo Ah-in as the one with pretty lips. OOohh! Do you agree?
  20. Joongki has some very famous fangirls! After Shool’s Nana, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In, Sistar’s Bora, IU, and SNSD’s Sunny are just a few of them. Ga In once said she likes every part of Song Joong-ki.
  21. This celebrity has a lot of nicknames. He’s been called Pretty Boy, Brainy Joong Ki, and even The Chairman’s Son! He is also known as the Enthusiastic Joong Ki. However, there is one distinct name he is always called, and that is Ero Joong Ki.
  22. While he was offered a supporting role in Deep Rooted Tree, Song Joong-ki says he was also in talks for another lead role! He ultimately opted for the supporting role, though, because he was hooked to the script and the scope of work he would have the chance to perform.
  23. Starring in the title role of the movie A Werewolf Boy represented a personal turning point for Song Joong-Ki. He has said he feels that he accepted the role with the thought that he had to say good-bye to his young self, and that the work he did on this film represented the fact that it was time for him to become a man.
  24. When it was time for Song Joong-Ki to enlist, a group of his fans gathered to witness the beginning of his service. He bid farewell to them and thanked them, saying “I’ll stay healthy, so don’t worry.” Song Joong-ki was discharged from his military service in 2015.
  25. While he has worked so hard on so many projects that this might not come as a huge surprise, some people might still be shocked to learn that his net worth is around 800 million dollars.
  26. Song Joong-ki started acting in dramas in 2010, and quickly rose to fame as a result. First he starred in the historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Before he was a headliner, though, he made his official debut in the movie Frozen Flower back in 2008. He also hosted the music show Music Bank in 2009 and 2010.
  27. Song Joong-Ki also once mentioned that he had been in a long-term relationship before breaking up with his former girlfriend in early 2010. However, after he made that statement no scandal developed regarding Song Joong-ki’s love life. He went as far as to say that he will not open his past love life to the public, and plans to keep his future relationships secret as well.
  28. He went on a cycling tour of Australia in 2011.
  29. Due to his rising popularity in the drama Descendants of the Sun, his parents’ home became a tourist attraction.
  30. His least favorite part of his face are his lips.
  31. Song Joong-ki considers Leonardo di Caprio to be his role model when it comes to acting.
  32. Song Joong-ki loves to dance, even though he is not that good at it!
  33. Since his seniors bought him food and drinks during his time in college, he did the same for his juniors. Also, some say Song Joong-ki never had a girlfriend in college. But what about that relationship that ended in 2010? Hmm….
  34. Song Joong-ki serenaded fans with Korean love ballads while on tour in 2012. Even so, he still considers himself more of an actor than a singer. He’s said he definitely does not plan on releasing a solo album in the near future.
  35. During an interview held in Singapore in 2012, Song Joong-ki divulged that when he looks at a girl, he will always look in her eyes first. He thinks that we can see a person’s character from their eyes, and that doing this will help him find out more about each girl’s personality. He also likes women with long legs.
  36. Song Joong-ki loves to hug people!
  37. Song Joong-ki is a very humble person, which explains why he has so many people who consider him their best friend.
  38. He really likes IU’s voice and loves to listen to her sing!

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