Interesting Facts About BTS’ Jimin You Should Know

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Interesting Facts About BTS’s Jimin That You Have To Know!

Calling out all of those ARMYs and Jimin’s fangirls out there! As you can see from the title, we have a lot of interesting facts about Jimin you might have already seen, but this time we’re trying to give you more interesting facts about him that you might never heard before! Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about that, so stay tuned!

Currently, BTS’s Jimin has become one of the most popular boy group members, not only in South Korea, but also all over the world! Since his debut with BTS, Jimin has gained a lot of attention. No wonder, people have always been curious about him, and wanted to knew every detail about his life. And here are some of interesting facts from BTS’s Jimin to make you fall deeper for him!

Interesting Facts About Jimin to Make You Fall For Him Even Harder

bts jimin

There are a lot of interesting fact about BTS’s Jimin, especially if you are an ARMY, or one of Jimin’s fangirls, you might want to know every single thing about him. But, we also provide you some of the interesting fact from BTS’ Jimin that will make you fall deeper for his charm and his personality, as well!

BTS’ Jimin’s Love Experience and Ideal Type

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Previously, Jimin once experienced a one-sided love. He also broke up with his past girlfriend before he went to Seoul. But once he falls in love with a girl, he pays all of his attention towards the girl, only. What a gentleman!

Jimin has revealed his ideal type of a woman! Basically, his ideal type is simple. He likes a girl who is smaller than him, with a nice personality and cute appearance. Since he was child, he used to love girls with long hair. Not only has he shared about his ideal type of a woman, but Jimin has also revealed his kind of ideal date!

About the ideal date, he said that it would be really nice to have a date with someone while sitting on a bench and drinking together. He would like to hold hands with his sweetheart, and also have a date in the countryside! Sounds like a romantic date, right?

BTS’ Members’ Thoughts About Jimin


Since Jimin and his fellow BTS’ member built up their friendship a long time ago, each of them have revealed their thoughts about Jimin. All of them agreed that Jimin’s personality was the kindest among them!

Jin said that Jimin is a really nice person, and he’s cute like a puppy. Jin also praised Jimin for his hard work, even he called him perfect, as well! Mostly when it comes to their rehearseal routine, every time the guys got time to take a break, Jimin still continued the rehearsal without looking tired!

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RM said that Jimin was basically gentle and kind. He’s proud of Jimin for his ambitious side, because he never gave up on reaching his own dream!

jimin and rm

Suga thought that Jimin has always put effort in everything, even during the hardest times. Not only that, Suga also said that Jimin’s vocal was to his taste, as well!

jimin and suga

J-Hope commented that Jimin is really kind and had a good personality. He’s been always listening to his Hyungs, and has shown his faith strongly. Even though Jimin was younger than him, J-Hope also considers him as a good brother who can be trustworthy.

jimin and j-hope

Meanwhile, V who has known Jimin since a long time ago, said that Jimin was cute, and the first person he would ran to whenever he was getting worried, since Jimin was kind of a reliable friend.

jimin and v

Jungkook thought that Jimin’s personality also referred with his blood type, A. He can became a shy person, a shameless person, and hates to lose! Just like Jin, Jungkook also praised Jimin for his hard work, because it was something that he could learn from him.

jimin and jungkook

His Concern Towards Skincare Routines

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Mostly, men don’t really care about having a regular skincare routine. But BTS’ Jimin is different, because he is always taking care of his skin! Not only that, Jimin also has a good knowledge about skincare. When he is cleansing his face, he takes a long time and then follows it by applying moisturizer right after shower.

Jimin also said that putting on a moisturizer cream after wiping the face with a towel was really important! For him, skincare is one of the ways to show the self-care. Then, whenever he goes out, he always brings a lip balm to take care of his lips, as well!

Good Relationship with His Family

jimin's family

Jimin is the oldest son on his family. He has a younger brother, Park Ji-hyun, who is really close with him. Not only that, his younger brother looks a lot like him in the above childhood portrait together! Meanwhile, he also revealed that one of his desires was that he wanted to be a devoted son for his family.

I an certain interview, Jimin was being asked about how he keeps in touch with his family. Then he simply said he and his family always communicate through their cell phones, whether it is with a phone call or text message. They talk about each other’s lives, as well.

He used to reminisce and wanted to go back to his childhood memories with his family, when they were went to a park and playing together. All of them went to the skating rink, cycling, ate lunch together, and spent the rest day happily.