Check Out the Hilarious Interaction Between Zico and His Brother, Rapper Taewoon, On KBS’ ‘Happy Together’

Who Became The Winner of Our Meme is Worth a Thousand Words?

The hosts revealed that Zico and Taewoon drew well because both of them learned art in school so it could be advantageous for them in the segment. In the segment, they had to choose an image of the hosts’ faces that contained a drawing picture and some points. The team who gained the points up to seven would be the winner and the first guest who guessed would win a Korean pork gift set. For the first pic, it was a picture worth two points of a person in purple who said, “Jalga,” (meaning: goodbye or take care) to someone who wore a royal robe. After several incorrect guesses from Se-chan and Myung-soo, Zico tried to answer but the answer was incorrect. Right after Zico got it wrong, Taewoon finally tried to answer and was correct so he could bring the Korean pork gift set. One by one, all of them got their answers correct after getting a hint but Zico still couldn’t get it even when the other team got all of their answers correct.

Next, they chose a picture worth three points which would be drawn by Kian84. It looked like a war of hands so it was difficult to guess. Taewoon confidently tried to guess but was incorrect. Because it was too difficult Jae-suk and Kian84 gradually gave hints like it was “arm” or “pal” in Korean and Zico must have lots of them, etc. Zico, who was confused at first, finally tried to answer and got his answer correct.

For the next meme, Zico would be the one who drew the picture. When he was drawing, everyone noticed that he drew with his left hand then Zico said that he was actually ambidextrous (can use both hands). Then everyone praised him for having an artistic drawing as he was drawing a sun with sunglasses carefully. After Zico drew a mic with “KBS” written on it, Se-chan, Taewoon, and Myung-soo tried to guess but were all wrong. Taewoon tried again for the second time but still got the wrong answer. After Jae-suk gave a hint, Taewoon immediately challenged his answer and got it correctly this time. As a result, Zico’s and Taewoon’s team won the game!

Watch the full episode with English subtitles here.

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On March 12th, 2018, it was reported that Taewoon would enlist in the military on March 15th, at the Nonsan Training Center as a public service worker. He is currently still serving at the military until late 2019 or early 2020. Meanwhile, Zico reportedly has participated in the recent Mnet’s Produce X 101 as a producer, and produced a concept song titled “Move.” He also appeared to give lessons for the trainees on episode 9 and was impressed by one of the trainees.

Zico and Taewoon might have fought a lot in their childhood days but now they are seen as close brothers who give support to each other. Let’s keep supporting them and look forward to their future activities either individually or together!