Get Inspired By K-Pop Idols Who Look Casual Wearing T-Shirts!



Each of the BLACKPINK members also often gets a lot of attention due to their fashion style! Whether it is Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, or Lisa, they are famously known for their gorgeous style. And this time, here are some casual styles from them!


blackpink jisoo

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was looking casual and chic with a ZARA Black T-Shirt with the lace accent! The shirt cost about $17.90, and she also mixed it with a pair of white sneakers, denimjeans, and also a black Chanel backpack!


blackpink jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie really knows how to appear with such a magnificent style! She’s wearing the oversized t-shirt from Balenciaga, and wearing it as a mini dress! She also wore sneakers and a hand bag to complete her casual-fancy look!


blackpink rose

The casual style from BLACKPINK’s Rosé i perfect during winter or autumn seasons! She’s wearing the Urban Outfitters’ printed t-shirt with the price $30, and mixed it with black ripped jeans. And also, for the casual-comfy look, she’s adding the black cardigan, as well!


mark lee

Mostly NCT’s members are often seen with a casual and boyish look! No wonder that people are in love with their casual style, since they look effortlessly stylish and simple at the same time! Wanna get to know more about the NCT members’ casual looks? Here you go!

NCT’s Doyoung

nct doyoung

NCT’s Doyoung was looking manly and casual at the same time with the black printed cotton t-shirt! He also styled the t-shirt tucked into the light blue jeans, then completed the casual style with a black belt!

NCT’s Jaehyun

nct jaehyun

Next one, there’s Jaehyun with the lettered, short-sleeved t-shirt from the brand JEEP! The price of the shirt is about $26, and it suits really well on him! Not only that, Jaehyun also mixed the T-Shirt with black pants and a brown belt!

NCT’s Taeyong

nct taeyong

We’re in love with the casual style from NCT’s Taeyong! He was looking casual and fashionable with the printed white t-shirt from Saint Laurent, combined with his black ripped jeans, black belt, and black buttoned shirt, that were perfectly matched!

Red Velvet

red velvet irene

Red Velvet’s members also have their own style, respectively. Whether it is on the red carpet, their daily style, or even their airport style, they really have the gorgeous looks! But, have you noticed that Red Velvet also looks gorgeous with only t-shirts? Let’s find out the asnwer here!

Red Velvet’s Irene

red velvet irene

A basic white t-shirt is really helpful, since a white t-shirt can be mixed with a lot of different items. Just like Irene, she’s been wearing a sequined white t-shirt from Au Jour Le Jour, and the price for the shirt is $213.76! On the bottom, she’s wearing the Moschino printed skirt, which also made her style looked youthful!

Red Velvet’s Joy

red velvet joy

If you’re still worried about mixing two contrasting colours, just copy Red Velvet’s Joy! She was proven that bright red and brown look stylish together! She wore the Jane t-shirt from the brand LARTIGENT, then paired it with a checkered mini skirt!

Red Velvet’s Yeri

red velvet yeri

Another casual style, and this time from Red Velvet’s Yeri! She was wearing the Red Velvet Arena Tour Japan T-Shirt, then mixed it with an oversized black shirt, as well! Not only that, for a dramatic casual style, Yeri added a headband and deep red lipstick!

And that is all for today’s article! Channel Korea has introduced you with some of K-Pop idols’ casual style while they were wearing a t-shirt! We can see that most K-Pop idols are often seen in casual styles like a t-shirt and pants, and still they looked incredibly stunning and fashionable! After seeing the casual styles from K-Pop idols, which one among their styles is the most like your own? Tell us about it, and write your comment down below!