Get Inspired By K-Pop Idols Who Look Casual Wearing T-Shirts!

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Need an Inspiration For Casual Styles With T-Shirts? Check Out These Casual K-Pop Idols’ Style!

K-Pop fashion nowadays has become really huge and popular. We will never get enough with those of K-Pop fashion styles, since there are a lot of outfits and styles which we can mix-and-match or copy. The usual inspiration for K-Pop fashion style are K-Pop idols! Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the outfit ideas from K-Pop idols who favor T-shirts for a casual style, so stay tuned!

K-Pop idols are mostly seen with colorful outfits, fancy style, and a lot of layering, but they can also be seen with simple style, with t-shirts playing a central role.! Do you want to know more about that? Let’s take a look at some K-Pop idols’ casual styles along with t-shirts, here.



People mostly know TWICE as the girl-group with a cute and feminine image,since all of the members are often seen with cute concepts or dressed up girly, as well. But have you noticed that TWICE’s members also look casual, yet stylish in their t-shirts? Let’s take a look at their casual appearance here!

TWICE’s Sana

twice sana

The Chanel girl is right here! TWICE’s Sana was looking casual and fancy with a black t-shirt and black belt from Chanel! She also paired those items with denim high-waisted jeans, as well!

TWICE’s Mina

twice mina

TWICE’s Mina was looking effortlessly beautiful with a basic white T-Shirt from the Agnes L brand, she also wore black denim short. To be more stylish, she add sunglasses to complete her casual look. We are truly in love with this style!

TWICE’s Tzuyu

twice tzuyu

TWICE’s Tzuyu also looks casual and youthful with the combination of light blue denim overalls and a white t-shirt as the inner! The t-shirt was from Margarin Fingers, with the price approximately $38.00!



Even if it’s just wearing a t-shirt, BTS gets a lot of attention due to their fashion taste! Not only that, they also mix an ordinary t-shirt with other items to make it more fashionable, as well! Here’s some of their outfit inspirations for your casual look!

BTS’s Suga

bts suga

BTS’s Suga was looking fresh and stunning with the tie-dye t-shirt from the brand CHARM’S! The shirt’s price is approximately $29, but he also layered the shirt over a long-sleeved shirt, as well!

BTS’s Jimin

bts jimin

Another layering style, this time from Jimin! He was wearing the logo t-shirt from Bad in Bad, with the price around $32! He also added the black long-sleeved shirt as the inner, just like Suga in the previous section! Not only that, the black cap and neck scarf also complete his casual style!

BTS’s Jungkook

bts jungkook

The combination of a pink t-shirt from Rive Gauche and a white over-shirt was a perfect combination! Jungkook was looking casual and cute at the same time with this outfit!

Big Bang

big bang

Even though the Big Bang members are famously known for their sophisticated and ‘gothic’ fashion style, they also can be fashionistas with their casual looks, especially by using a t-shirt! Here are some of Big Bang members styles with t-shirts!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon

big bang g-dragon

Big Bang’s G-Dragon was looking fashionable with the mixture of a Saint Laurent vest top and Saint Laurent Hawaiian shirt! The tree pattern on the shirt really gives off summer-casual vibes, as well!

Big Bang’s Daesung

big bang daesung

The combination of the Marc Jacobs graphic t-shirt and printed Vans sneakers from Big Bang’s Daesung really went together well! It looks simple and casual with the black colors and also the colorful designs from his shoes and his t-shirt!

Big Bang’s Taeyang

big bang taeyang

For those of you who are looking for the casual, rock-and-roll style, let’s copy Big Bang’s Taeyang’s style with this Givenchy Black Columbian Printed t-shirt! He also mixed the t-shirt with black pants and some accessories such as a necklace, bracelet, and cap!


seventeen woozi

If you were take a look at SEVENTEEN members’ outfits for their airport style or the daily style, they are often seen with casual looks. Moreover, the most likely was when SEVENTEEN members are wearing t-shirts! Here are some of the inspired casual looks from SEVENTEEN!


seventeen vernon

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon was wearing the printed white t-shirt from the brand System Homme, with the price of $211.5! Not only that, he also added some accessories such as a necklace and beanie to complete his look!


seventeen woozi

For those of you who are fond of the color blue, you can get inspired by SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s casual style! His appearance was simple, with blue oversized t-shirt from Romantic Crown and black pants, as well.


seventeen mingyu

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu was looking charming with the white t-shirt from the brand 13 Month, he wore it under a striped blazer, as well! He appeared casual and neat at the same time!