Check Out the Hillarious Moments of GFRIEND and Super Junior’s Heechul on MBC’s ‘Insolent Housemates’


You should check out any show with Hee-chul in it, you won’t regret it.

Before you look for the show, you should know that it has many names. They are My Unexpected Housemate, Insolent Housemates, Outrageous Roommates and for its original translated name is Living Together in Empty Room. This show started airing in 2017 on the MBC channel, it ended in March 2018.

This show has a unique concept, a celebrity who lives alone become the landlord of another who wants to become his roommate. They are called tenants. There are also rules or guidelines the tenants have to obey. At the end of the episode, they fill in a questionnaire about the memories they made in that house. This time, the landlord is Hee-chul and Gfriend members are the tenants.

First Meeting

1st ep

When Gfriend first met Hee-Chul, they were very excited and loved being around him. Gfriend girls even teased him as a general store clerk, to which he responded with laughter. Hee-chul then said that he wanted to take his dog to a training center. He went there with two members of Gfriend.



Before they got to the training center, Hee-chul called his close friend. They entered a comical conversation. By the time they arrived at the training center, Zorr greeted them happily. Zorr is a Shiba Inu breed and Hee-chul loves him. The three of them played together with Zorr until evening.

The other Gfriend members were buying food and ice cream, and when they opened Hee-chul’s fridge, they were surprised by how he has put the water bottle nicely. They decide to move some of those bottles to make space for the ice cream. When Hee-chul arrived at home, he was exhausted and asked some of the members to massage his back and Yu-ju, a member of Gfriend, got praised from him for being helpful.

Yu-ju was once again praised by Hee-Chul for frying dumplings. They ate dumplings for dinner that night and not all of the members sat on the table. Ye-rin, who was sleeping throughout the day, sat on the floor to eat. Hee-chul laughed and said she reminds him of a beggar in some drama.

GFRIEND X Hee-chul Nightout


After shopping in Dongdaemun, the girls went to eat at a kiosk while waiting for Hee-chul who stayed at home playing games. They were having fun and Hee-chul, with his uncle joke strikes once more. He only ordered a beer that night.

Picnic With Shin-young


The next day, Gfriend and Hee-chul went on a picnic with Shin-young. They were having a barbecue at a camp. While eating, Shin-young suggested to play the “Book of Love Answer” and she was testing Hee-chul’s luck in love, but the answer was really funny. You should watch the show yourself to find out!

After having a barbecue, they were playing go-kart at the theme park. Shin-young was very excited, she went circling for several times before stopping. Um-ji was the best driver that day, managed to steer away Hee-chul and stop his car. Next, they played Disco Pang-Pang. It was some kind of disc with seat and there was a DJ who riled them up. Gfriend could not stop laughing because Hee-chul was in the DJ Booth.


End of Their Time Together

last ep

Overall, Hee-chul was particularly happy with Gfriend staying at his house for a while. The girls also gave him several presents which made him feel honored. Despite the differences between the girls and him, he was getting used to their habit. He said in one of the episodes that he dislikes having visitors as it would make his house dirty. In the end, if the girls stay at his house again, he would not mind at all and Gfriend members love being at his house too.

Latest News


Right now, Gfriend and Hee-chul are busy with their own activities, the show ended last year on March 23rd, 2018. The last episode’s landlord was Solbi and the renters were Kim Dong-Hyun also Sleepy from the duo Untouchable.

Overall, the episodes of this show are funny to watch and we get to see the other side of some celebrities at home. That includes their habits, what they like and dislike, their favorite food and so on. There are lots of other celebrities too that you should watch, like Yura from Girl’s Days.