Kim’s Convenience’s Writer and Actor, Ins Choi: Profile, Career, Personal Life

ins choi profile

Find out more about Korean-Canadian actor Ins Choi: Full Profile, Career Journey, Family

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce one of the famous actors in Hollywood who has Korean nationality. Some Koreans who wish to live abroad usually have a hard time adjusting themselves as foreigners living in someone else’s country. However, this can be oftentimes overcome when they have specific goals for a career or study abroad. Not only that, but some Korean people who live abroad have also decided to settle and raise families outside the country.

One of the countries with a large Korean population living there is Canada. Some of the idols who made their debut as K-pop stars are also from Canada and have had brilliant careers. What about the fate of Koreans living abroad? In this article, Channel-Korea will discuss in more detail the profile of Ins Choi, an accomplished actor with his appearance in one of the popular TV shows, Kim’s Convenience.

Without waiting longer, let’s scroll down the article below to find out more about Ins Choi’s full profile, personal life, work, appearance in TV shows, and his wedding!

Ins Choi’s full profile

ins choi profile

Real Name: Choi In-seob (Hangul: 최인섭)

English Name: Ins Choi

Date of Birth: 1974

Education: Master of Theological Studies, University of Toronto.

Occupation: Actor, Playwright, Producer, Co-creator, Main Screenwriter

Ins Choi’s fun facts

ins choi profile
  1. Ins Choi had the nickname Danny back when he was in the 9th grade.
  2. Ins Choi said that he was in his kid’s school when the production house of Kim Convenience called and cast him right away.
  3. Ins Choi celebrated with dinner soon as he got cast for the TV show.
  4. Ins Choi said that he wanted to be a preacher when he was still a child.
  5. Ins Choi revealed that he also wanted to be a professional ninja soon as he grew up
  6. Ins Choi has a dream to run a comic book shops.
  7. Ins Choi said that the only skill he has is acting, so he went to casting to get a job.
  8. Ins Choi would prefer coffee to tea.
  9. Ins Choi said that the best trip he ever took was with his family to a campsite near. Toronto, to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and to the Edmonton Fringe Festival then went to watch the shooting stars at night.
  10. Ins Choi said that he was pretty unknown when he was still in high school.
  11. Ins Choi prefers dogs to cats, but if he has to live in the country, he will choose chickens or some sheep as a pet.
  12. Ins Choi’s favorite book is Ecclesiastes.
  13. Ins Choi favorite whisky is Lagavulin scotch.
  14. Ins Choi said the best thing about his job is when he works with creative, smart, considerate, and funny people, and also the opportunity to be a dad that can walk his kids to school and sometimes even pick them up.
  15. Ins Choi chooses the night owl as his character.
  16. Ins Choi said that he used to go to his parents’ place for dinner during New Year with his sisters and his family. They got dressed up in traditional Korean outfits and perform a bowing ritual to receive blessings for the upcoming year from their parents.
  17. Ins Choi also said that he really likes to feast on the rice cakes and dumpling soup that his mother cooked for him and his family too.
  18. Ins Choi said that his proudest accomplishment is when he watched the first episode of Kim’s Convenience with his children and taught them that it’s normal to see Asians in Canadian TV shows.
  19. Ins Choi said that God is the only main source and inspired his life a lot, then his children who creating worlds with their imagination, his wife that creates order at home.
  20. Ins Choi said that he really wants to have a concert show and go for a tour while introducing his work.

Ins Choi’s career journey

ins choi profile

In the beginning of Ins Choi’s career, his journey did not go smoothly. He did not have the special skills to act and appear in front of the camera with confidence. Ins Choi’s career began when he tried to enter a casting for a fine arts program in New York. Of course, he hoped to pass the audition but the results turned out he was rejected for the first time. He said to himself, “I wasn’t talented enough.”

At that time, Ins Choi was forced to practice more by reading and analyzing. Thus, he acknowledged that this was what bridged him to be as successful as he is today. Ins Choi said that his inspiration and those who encouraged him to be an artist in college were his professors at Wycliffe, such as John Bowen, Brian Walsh, and Marion Taylor.

After graduating from university, Ins Choi worked with fu-GEN, a theater company which is a Toronto based Asian Canadian, and this is where he learned valuable lessons in his life how to gather audience interest through the work he made. From this place, Ins Choi learned how to gather similarities and interests from every audience, not just one community but all over the world with different backgrounds. Ins Choi’s experience working with fu-GEN really provides a valuable lesson in knowledge as an arts worker.

Ins Choi’s personal life

ins choi profile

Ins Choi was born with the Korean name Choi In-seob (Hangul: 최인섭) and moved to Canada when he was one year old and lived in Scarborough, Toronto when he was very young. When he grew up, he and his family decided to officially become Canadian citizens and changed his real name to Ins Choi as people know him today. The funny thing he experienced when he became a Korean living in another country was when an immigration officer mistook his name for Insurp. This made Ins Choi change his name unofficially with a nickname named Danny.

Ins Choi’s parents are his father who is a pastor at an immigrant church in downtown Toronto, which was founded and owned by himself and his mother with a strict character who taught her son to always focus on doing one thing and put everything in work.

Ins Choi also had difficulty entering as a new student at York University, he tried to adjust his name so that it was easier to remember and pronounced with a name that was shortened to Ins Choi during college, Ins Choi decided to go to the acting program.

When he was a child, Ins Choi really enjoyed playing with children his age playing volleyball, football, rugby, hockey. After school, Ins Choi shared that he also worked at a convenience store owned by his friend’s parents. He also attended a casting at his school for a short film titled Damn Yankees that was held on Victoria Park S.S. where the Banana Boys later performed.

Ins Choi has successfully graduated from two different universities. In early 1990, Ins Choi attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute and he also graduated from York University’s theater program in 1998.