Be Ready, Inspirits! 15 Pictures of INFINITE’s Woohyun Showing His Awesome Abs!

INFINITE’s Woohyun: This Main Vocalist Has A Great Body

Considered one of the most well-known members of INFINITE, after L and Sunggyu, Woohyun is a versatile idol whose vocal skill cannot be underestimated, as proven when he’s appeared on music shows like KBS2’s Immortal Song and MBC’s King of the Mask Singer. Woohyun has released several singles and two mini-albums, establishing his name as a solid male K-pop vocalist.

However, little do most people know that Woohyun also has a great body to boot. In this article, we will take a look at how Woohyun maintains his body shape. So, stay tuned!

Take a Peek at INFINITE’s Woohyun’s Abs and Fit Body!

Despite being of only average height for a male K-pop idol, we can’t underestimate how beautifully Woohyun has taken care of his body. He’s had great abs since at least 2011, during INFINITE’s Be Mine era. Though never revealing his workout procedure or diet to the public, Woohyun loves playing soccer, and has consistently kept his body in great shape, without often showing it much. Here are the pictures of Woohyun’s abs that will leave you amazed!

Not just his abs, the rest of his body is in great shape, too, which he showed while wearing this low-cut shirt and sleeveless top. These outfits make his appearance manly and strong, as if he can protect everyone he loves from any danger.