Do You Know Infinite’s Member Lee Sung-yeol? Here Is His Full Profile, From His Dramas to His ABS!

Lee Sung-yeol’s News That You Should Know

A Visit To Infinite’s Sung-gyu At The Military Camp

Kim Sung-gyu, the leader of Infinite is the first member undergo military service. The leader as well as the oldest member of the  group who was born in 1989 had begun starting his job in the military service on May 14th and now has completed basic training.

On June 27th, Sung-gyu shared a photo with L, which is also a member of Infinite through the official account of Infinite on Twitter. Apparently, Kim Myung-soo; who’s owned the real name of L, making his chance to visit his co-worker, Sung-gyu along with the several other people in the middle of busy schedules.

After L, Lee Sung-yeol is the next member to visit Sung-gyu in military camp. The idol who is born in 1991 shared the photos through his personal Instagram account on June 6th poses with Infinite’s leader, Sung-gyu.

In the recent photo he uploaded, Lee Sung-yeol and Sung-gyu were posing together with each others heads sticking on each side. Sung-gyu looks like a handsome young man wearing military uniforms while Lee Sung-yeol wore a white shirt and black hat.

“Sung-gyu hyung, fighting! Nice to see you look more healthy.”, wrote Lee Sung-yeol as a caption on his recent post.

Meanwhile, Sung-gyu is going under the basic training at the training center in Gangwon-do, Gosung and now serving as soldiers. The singer of ‘60 Seconds’ will complete his tour of duty by 2020.

Infinite’s Lee Sung-yeol Opened Up About His Recent Illness and Busy Schedules

Lee Sung-yeol had an interview with news outlet OSEN on January 18th, 2018 and he shared on how he became so busy because of Infinite’s comeback and he barely slept during the filming for his drama. Lee Sung-yeol had mentioned that he usually slept for two hours each day and goes to practice for the performance, memorized scripts for the drama and then filming. During the busy schedules, Lee Sung-yeol was relieved to get a little more time when he slept for seven hours to get rest.

Lee Sung-yeol also revealed during his busy schedule when he was filming for Love Return aired on KBS1, his immunity had become weak and he had an issue for his health since the weather turned into the cold season. Lee Sung-yeol was diagnosed with influenza B and he went to the emergency room about a sickness he has going through.

Back in the days when he was having a busy schedule, OSEN commented that the fans must be sad for the short promotions as Lee Sung-yeol was focused on the drama filming. Lee Sung-yeol responded that Infinite also wanted to do a little longer promotions for the fans but the individual members are also having their own plans such as their schedules for the musical or dramas. Lee Sung-yeol added that they are now discussing to show more things to view and appearances of Infinite as a group.

Infinite’s Lee Sung-yeol Has Moved In To Woollim’s CEO Home

On January 2013, Infinite’s Lee Sung-yeol appeared as a guest on a radio show Cultwo Show and he revealed about how his current living situation right now. Infinite’s members used to live in dorms together, but for some reason, Lee Sung-yeol and Sung-gyu was a part of the members who seldom left the house.

Lee Sung-yeol shared that they lived in dorms for a long time but then the label asked them to move out. He said that he didn’t have any money to find another place to stay and he tried to stay in the dorm, so the CEO asked him to just live with him. Lee Sung-yeol also revealed after he moved in to the CEO’s old home, he became the property owner of the Woollim Entertainment’s CEO old home since the CEO moved off to another better home for him and Lee Sung-yeol ended up buying the property. He also mentioned that the CEO is the same age as him and still young so they both get along well with each other.

Infinite’s Lee Sung-yeol Appeared as ‘Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn’!

On August 2016, Infinite’s Lee Sung-yeol made a shocking appearance to the public while showing his ‘crazy side’ to change his image as an idol from the popular boy group Infinite to appear as a woman. Lee Sung-yeol doesn’t appear as an actress or a member of a girl group, however, the lead vocal of the group himself turned to be a super villain character from a popular DC Comic ‘Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinnin a concert titled ‘That Summer’ on August 6th, 2016.

One of his members from Infinite, L, also uploaded a recent post of he himself taking a selca with Lee Sung-yeol who’s still wearing the costume which was made to look like Harley Quinn with a two-side ponytail ombre wig and a baseball bat which is related to the character of Harley Quinn.

After the five day concert from August 3rd to August 7th, Lee Sung-yeol also appeared with a different hairstyle on stage while doing a cover dance from the girl group IOI with their hit single, ‘Pick Me’ from the survival program Produce 101 aired on Mnet. Lee Sung-yeol had to wear a wig with a similar hairstyle to the Frozen character, Princess Anna with braided pigtails hairstyle on the first stage and wore a different wig in the next day with a bob hairstyle.



Lee Sung-yeol is definitely a great public figure and he never missed out on any great work since his debut as an idol and start of his career as an actor. Lee Sung-yeol is also a good brother to his siblings so he can be a part of his brother’s support system to debut as an idol just like him and also making his family proud of having the two idol sons. Let’s hope all the best to Lee Sung-yeol for his career both in acting and to made another comeback with Infinite!