Do You Know Infinite’s Member Lee Sung-yeol? Here Is His Full Profile, From His Dramas to His ABS!

Lee Sung-yeol’s ABS

Lee Sung-yeol is one of the Infinite’s members who doesn’t like to expose his figure or a topless body to the public. But recently, Lee Sung-yeol was getting used to show off his charisma through the variety shows and social media which is draw a lot of attention and praises from public and fans for the transformation he did until he got a perfect body.

In March 2017, Lee Sung-yeol surprised the viewers from joining Law of the Jungle as he enjoyed a shower in the unexpected rain since they were filming in the day time causing some of the members getting exhausted from the hot weather.

All of the male members of Law of the Jungle except 9Muses Kyung-ri had decided to enjoy the rain and get soaked with a topless body. The male celebrities such as Kim Min-seok, 5urprise’s Kang Tae-oh and also Lee Sung-yeol amazed their fans and viewers with their masculine and toned abs.

In another chance, Lee Sung-yeol shared shocking photos to his recent transformation that showed a drastic change of his body and posted it to his Instagram official account. Lee Sung-yeol had trained hard and went to the gym to do a lot of sports and the result is a stunning appearance after 8 months.

8 months on a diet! It is difficult to maintain weight. Now I don’t have fat again hahaha ^^ I’ll show my face later, I’m sorry ^^.” @leeseongyeol_1991

Lee Sung-yeol’s Dating and Relationship

In June 2014, Lee Sung-yeol appeared as a guest on the talk show; Hello Counselor aired on KBS2 along with another celebrities such as his members from Infinite’s Sung-gyu and Dong-woo also actress Bang Eun-hee. The talk show was made to discuss about problems or trouble of the viewers life side.

In the middle of the show, MC Shin Dong-yup was asking Lee Sung-yeol about how he fell for a women and the idol himself shared his dating style and also about the longest time he ever dated for a relationship. Lee Sung-yeol reacted in surprise as he has been asked with an unexpected question, but he’s confident to confess about his dating experience.

He said that he had fallen for a woman in the past and he put in a lot of feelings and all he had for his relationship. He also revealed that he dated someone for 4 years and it’s been the longest relationship he had been through.

Watch here to see the full version of Lee Sung-yeol in Hello Counselor :

For the latest information, Lee Sung-yeol is currently single and he wasn’t rumored to be dating anybody from fellow celebrities or a non-celebrities since his debut as an idol. He might be working in acting with some female celebrities but it doesn’t seem to have a side effect to his dating life so far.