Do You Know Infinite’s Member Lee Sung-yeol? Here Is His Full Profile, From His Dramas to His ABS!

Lee Sung-yeol’s 2018 Drama & Movie Spoiler

Love Returns (미워도 사랑해)

Love Returns is a South Korean drama which is aired daily starting from November 13th, 2017 until May 4th, 2018 in KBS1. The drama starring Lee Sung-yeol, Pyo Ye-jin, Lee Dong-ha and Han Hye-rin. This drama tells us about a story of a woman who ended up losing everything after living a hard life.

As she started a new chapter of her life, from the beginning, her past demons had shook her up mentally, but finally in the end, she could find a bright side. The main point about this drama is love and affection between the lead role who is played by Lee Sung-yeol as Hong Seok-pyo and Pyo Ye-jin as Gil Eun-jo.

Lee Sung-yeol was cast to play as the lead role who has a character of a man who grew up without ever knowing even the love of a mother since his parents were always busy with work which made him become a sensitive person who started having trust issues with every or anyone who approaches him first.

It was only the character of Hong Seok-pyo, but actually, the character also came from a rich family since his mother is the founder of Genius Cosmetic and he become the major shareholder and the CEO who contributes to the company’s growth. Another problem that was coming through to interfere with his life, such as symptoms of panic disorders that he must go though which had become the biggest fear for him to face the future.

Hong Seok-pyo is also had falsely accused for some kind of malpractice and fraud due to his job and he ended up having to be punished and face probation for two years. Not stopping at that time when he has to be in a probationary period, he went undercover and had the experience to work at the lowest position on Genius Beauty Center to fulfill his promise to the judge. At this time, he met a woman who would become his fated person, who is Gil Eun-jo.


Lee Sung-yeol starred in the horror film alongside with A-Pink’s Eunji as his co-star. The movie is based on the webtoon with the same name and it’s also become Lee Sung-yeol’s movie debut this year.

The upcoming horror movie has revealed some photos while the casts and directors including Lee Sung-yeol & A-Pink’s Eunji attending a script reading on July 30th. 0.0Mhz will be scheduled to complete filming in August 2018 and the movie is directed by Yoon Sun-dong who is also the director behind the latest popular Korean horror movie, Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp also drama Vampire Prosecutor 2.

The movie’s story line is about an investigation of supernatural mysteries that have been researched by a members of a club. Lee Sung-yeol, himself, will be playing as Sang-yeob who’s a student major in engineering and likes to write novels. He’s also become the secret admirer for her partner while investigation started, the partner which will be played by A-Pink’s Eunji as the character of So-hee.

Other celebrities will be cast in this movie, such as Choi Yoon-young as Yoon-jung who is also a member of the investigation club that can communicate with the spirits, Jang Won-chang as Tae-soo who will be play the character of Yoon-jung’s boyfriend and is also the person in charge of the club’s unofficial leader.

Shin Joo-hwan as Han-seok who has his own personal agenda for being someone who can’t be trusted and selfish because he likes to reveal the identity of the club to public just to gain an advantage for his own gain.

Fun Facts About Lee Sung-yeol
  1. Lee Sung-yeol likes a younger girl more than someone who’s older than him.
  2. Lee Sung-yeol is someone who likes to work hard and put all of his effort in his life, even though he has a family member in entertainment industry, he doesn’t want to rely on them and work hard as long as he can go with it.
  3. Lee Sung-yeol used to be a part of Department of Theater and Film before work as a singer.
  4. Lee Sung-yeol also worked. hard on studying English
  5. Lee Sung-yeol has a lot of weak points in his personality. He used to be known as a person who easily cried.
  6. Lee Sung-yeol is the last member to join Infinite.
  7. Back in the days when Infinite held their comeback on Before The Dawn, he begged the hairstylist to dye his hair green.
  8. He used to be mad at one of Infinite members, L, who doesn’t want to scratch his back since he can’t bear the feeling of itchy skin.
  9. Lee Sung-yeol is known to be the member of Infinite who loves to bully his managers and the other members.
  10. Lee Sung-yeol has the most hilarious and awkward poses among Infinite members during the photo shoot sessions.
  11. Lee Sung-yeol once said that the best part of his body is his nose.
  12. Lee Sung-yeol is really afraid of the ghosts.
  13. Lee Sung-yeol is known to be a very emotional person but he is also a very talkative and active person.
  14. Lee Sung-yeol was having a hard time to force himself to tear up when he was filming a Music Video, but he’s actually a person who is easy to start crying in real life.
  15. Lee Sung-yeol had cried once while attending the wedding of a relative. He had never seen the relative’s face before but it wasn’t the reason of he cried, instead just the sight of the scene was what actually made him shed his tears.
  16. Lee Sung-yeol was a trainee in SM Academy and he was trained while majoring in Acting.
  17. Lee Sung-yeol has a certain letter from his fan which became one of his most precious things so he decided to keep it. He also laminated the letter and it’s either hanging on the wall or kept on his desk.
  18. Lee Sung-yeol really wants to try to take up a role as a funny yet strong actor such as Kim Chang-jung or Yoo Hae-jin.
  19. The ideal type to become Lee Sung-yeol’s girlfriend is someone who is an easy going woman who doesn’t act innocent.
  20. If there’s only one day left for Lee Sung-yeol to meet his lover, he will promise to meet her in the next life.