Do You Know Infinite’s Member Lee Sung-yeol? Here Is His Full Profile, From His Dramas to His ABS!

Variety Shows

  • 2017 – Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado (aired on SBS as a cast member)

Lee Sung-yeol became a guest cast member in Law of the Jungle. The group will be heading to Manado, Indonesia, along with the fellow members, such as 5urprise’s Gong Myung, Kim Min-seok, and also BTS’s Jin who was also confirmed to be joined for the upcoming special episode in Sulawesi.

  • 2017 – 2017 Woollim Pick (aired on Mnet as MC)
  • 2016 – Law of the Jungle in Panama (aired on SBS as a cast members)

Lee Sung-yeol become one of the Law of the Jungle guest stars along with fellow South Korean celebrities such as  Sistar’s Yoon Bo-ra, Fly To The Sky’s Hwan-hee, Lee Jong-won, and Hwang Woo-seul-hye.

After filming in the jungle for a week, they had to get on a flight back to South Korea. Lee Sung-yeol and Kim Min-seok took the chance to greet their fans from Indonesia. A fan had uploaded a video where you could see Lee Sung-yeol and Kim Min-seok greeting their fans and giving out their signatures for those who had waited in the Hotel area. It could be said that it was like a sudden mini-fan sign event for both the idol and the actor.

“I met him and talked with him. I said that I’m an Inspirit (A fandom name of Infinite) and he’s so kind. I said that I’ve watched their concert. He said that he was so thankful and he did a handshake with me also bowed in the end. He’s smiling at me. Everytime I came around him, he wasn’t mad or angry because he knows that I’m an Inspirit, lol.” write the owner of social media’s account who posted a photo with Lee Sung-yeol. – @misslanyyy.

  • 2015 – 2016 – Infinite Showtime (aired on MBC every1 as a cast members)
  • 2014 – This is Infinite (aired on Mnet as a cast member)
  • 2013 – Law of the Jungle in Belize (aired on SBS as a cast member)

Lee Sung-yeol, one of the members of Infinite, joined the ‘survival’ variety show, Law of the Jungle along with the other celebrities, such as Kim Sung-soo, Click B’s Oh Jong-hyu, Ryu Dam, and Joh Yeo-jung.

The previous episode of the show, the cast members had traveled to New Zealand and had an adventure in the wild there in which the members can be seen going through survival experiences to find their own food and a place to take a rest. The show also had been to many other places and had to survive while living inside the jungle. This time they’re headed to the country of Belize which is located on the eastern coast of Central America.

  • 2012 – Ranking King (aired on Mnet as a cast member)
  • 2011 – Sesame Player (aired on Mnet as a cast member)
  • 2010 – You’re My Oppa (aired on Mnet as the first reality show with Infinite)