INFINITE’s L Didn’t Renew His Contract; What Will Happen To INFINITE’s Future?

Fans and Public Comments Regarding The Group’s State

The news of his departure from Woollim Entertainment was shocking, but that does not mean it that it hadn’t been predicted. Currently, Kim Myung-soo is more focused on his acting career, and although that doesn’t mean he leaves INFINITE for good, fans can understand if he wants to develop his solo career elsewhere.

Here are what people have said regarding his departure from Woollim Entertainment:

[+9] We of all inspirits are heartbroken with the fact that Myungsoo leaving Woolim, but to him.. he will stay with INFINITE and wherever INFINITE is, he will be there and I for a fact, will support INFINITE and Myungsoo’s decision even tho it breaks my heart.. infinite forever♡

[+3] We INSPIRIT know how much you care for us. On the happier note, I’m happy that they won’t disband. I think he just wants to focus on his acting career. Don’t worry Myungsoo INSPIRIT supports you.

[+2] He needs to grow professionally so he decided to do this heartbreaking decision. If he really wanted to leave INFINITE, he could’ve done it years ago. INSPIRITS, let’s all look at the bright side. He is still with INFINITE and he said that he will always be there whenever the group needs him.

[+1] Good luck L!! Looking forward to all your new projects. I love your acting

[+1] glad to see he isn’t leaving Infinite! hoping to see more projects from him in the future! supporting you on your journey!

Such a mature fandom, all of them supporting his decision! Good luck with the next chapter of your career, Kim Myung-soo!

Latest News about Kim Myung-soo

Kim Myung-soo is active on Instagram, if you want to know his latest update. He often shares his selfies or his current projects to connect with his fans around the world. You can follow him on @kim_msl.

Shin Ye-eun and Kim Myung-soo Become the Main Leads of the KBS Drama Welcome

The young South Korean actress Shin Ye-eun has been confirmed to be playing in a drama with Kim Myung-soo. Both will be acting in the adaptation of the webtoon titled Welcome. Welcome is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a cat that can turn into a human. Previously, L, or Kim Myung-soo, was confirmed to be playing the figure of the cat, named Hong-jo. Meanwhile, Shin Ye-eun plans to play the character Kim Sol-ah, the cat’s owner who works at a visual design company and dreams of becoming a webtoon artist. Her life changes after living with Hong-jo.

Shin Ye-eun herself claimed to be honored to star in the drama Welcome. She promised to portray Kim Sol-ah’s charms well through her acting. “It is an honor to star in the drama Welcome, which has been very much awaited by many people. I am happy to take on the role of Sol-ah, which is filled with charm, and I want to portray her charm well,” the 1998-born actress was quoted as saying by Soompi. “I will do my best to grow as a great actress and receive more love from the audience,” she added.

The script Welcome was written by Joo Hwa-mi, who wrote the scripts for the dramas Marriage, Not Dating and Introverted Boss. The director’s position will be filled by Ji Byung-hyun, who is famous for his two works, the drama Big and House of Bluebird. According to the plan, Welcome will premiere in March 2020 on the South Korean national television station, KBS.

That was all the information we could gather for you about Kim Myung-soo’s most recent news and his decision to not renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment. Let’s keep supporting him for his solo and acting career! Don’t forget to kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below.