INFINITE’s Woo-hyun Released a New Single! Check Out His Latest News Here!


Meet Infinite’s Woo-hyun

Nam Woo-hyun is a member of Woolim Entertainment’s boy band, Infinite. Are you guys familiar with them? Infinite debuted in 2010 with 7 members, among which Woo-hyun, who is in charge of main vocals together with their leader, Sung-gyu. Since his debut with Infinite in 2010, he eventually made a debut as a solo artist in 2016. Let’s get to know his solo activities better!

Woo-hyun’s Individual Activities

Everybody knows that Woo-hyun has a very unique and strong voice. This talent of his makes him widely known for his voice that has quite a distinct color. Beside Infinite, he is also active with his unit group and solo activities.


In 2014, Woo-hyun debuted in a unit group with his best friend, Key from SHINee. The duo debuted with Delicious and immediately caught the attention of their fans. They are known for their friendship and the fact that they debuted as a duo really made their fans get excited.


Woo-hyun’s Solo debut

Two years after his debut with Key as ToHeart, he officially made his solo debut. His debut was on May 9th, 2016, with his first solo mini-album titled Write, and the title track of the album is “Still I Remember.” Woo-hyun was the second member of Infinite that pursued a solo career. The first one was their leader, Sung-gyu. In his solo album, he participated in the making of three songs.


Have you listened to his solo debut song? If you haven’t, check it out below!

Woo-hyun’s Acting

Not only as a singer, but Woo-hyun is also active in acting. He has been starring in 3 dramas so far. Those are The Thousandth Man, Hi! School-Love On, and Battle With Love. He even got the chance to be the main character in Hi! School-Love On! Have you guys watched the drama?

Not only in dramas, but he also took part in some musical theaters, such as Gwanghwamun Sonata in 2012. Last year, in 2018, he starred in two musicals and they are titled I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, and Barnum: The Greatest Showman. This year, he will be starring in another musical titled The Days. What a talented idol!

Woo-hyun’s Latest Comeback

After two years of waiting, Inspirits (Infinite’s fandom name) can finally enjoy Woo-hyun’s voice again because he made a comeback with Second Write.. in September 2018. The title track of this comeback is “If Only You Are Fine.” Check out the music video below!

Woo-hyun’s Solo Concert

On November 2nd and 4th, Woo-hyun held his first solo concert titled Arbor Day at Blue Square venue in Hannam Neighborhood of Seoul.



Let’s hope he will make a world tour soon!

Woo-hyun’s Instagram

Woo-hyun is active on Instagram. Make sure you follow his account @nwh91 to see more of his daily life!

Woo-hyun’s Latest News

Woo-hyun is currently not really active since his promotion period has ended but don’t worry, he is preparing for his upcoming musical The Days. In this musical, he will be playing the character Moo-young and the musical will start showing in February and there will be shows going on until May this year.