Get to Know INFINITE’s Sunggyu Better: From Rock Band Vocalist to Leader of INFINITE

Plastic Surgery Rumors

In 2015, there was a rumor involving the leader. He was assumed to have done a nose job through plastic surgery.

As cited by Koreaboo, someone posted an article titled “INFINITE Kim Sunggyu nose plastic surgery” and wrote, “I saved a bunch of fan-uploaded pictures and how is this nose natural? You can just tell it’s plastic.” The poster added some pictures and gifs to make a comparison (like the pictures above).

However, netizens who spotted the article commented and defended the idol, saying that in all those pictures his nose looked the same.

They even added a bunch of his pictures from time to time to prove that he hasn’t done any surgery and just had a perfect nose since he was born.

Misogyny Controversy

In June 2013, netizens caught Sunggyu saying inappropriate words to Park Eun-ji on a broadcasted tvN program Genius: Rules of the Game. As cited by Allkpop, in the program, Park Eun-ji said that it’s difficult to make a living, knowing that she had lived for 30 years. Lee Sang-min agreed and said, “Yeah true… When a woman reaches the age of 30…” Sunggyu then jumped in, “You’re right. She’s a yomul.” A “yomul” is a Korean term for deceitful, sly, wicked. So when it’s said to a woman, it can mean “a woman who is good at deceiving a man for her own gain.”

After that broadcast, he started to receive many negative comments from netizens, saying that he’s being a misogynist. On June 27th, 2013, his agency issued a quick response and stated that if we watched the video closely, the artist didn’t have bad intentions. They said that he was just following the atmosphere of the conversation and the broadcast turned out to be in an exaggerated form. The same day, Sunggyu wrote an apology letter through his Twitter account. He admitted his fault and sincerely apologized to those who were disappointed and hurt by his unkind words. He said that he will be more respectful toward others and reflect with lower heart.

On another occasion, in January 2017, Sunggyu watched the movie Your Name, or also known as Kimi no Na Wa, and posted a picture of its cover. He added a caption indicating that he had watched it and liked the movie. The movie itself was about a male and female who switch bodies and there’s a scene where the male gropes the female body after the switch. People then attacked him for supporting the movie due to its content and brought his past controversy back. However, many people defended him because they didn’t find the movie offensive or misogynistic at all.

Military Service

Sunggyu began his military service on May 14th, 2018, in the training center of the 22nd infantry division. He was accompanied by Woollim staff members because the other INFINITE members were doing their activity in Russia at the time. He did not stop for the interview and only said, “Thank you,” before entering. He would be trained for five weeks before starting the duty service for twenty months.

At the end of Sunggyu’s training period, he was visited by his fellow member, L. It was updated on INFINITE’s official Twitter account with pictures added. They posted another set of pictures and wrote that L had been busy with his schedule but he managed to adjust his schedule and ran to see the leader.

In August 2018, Sunggyu, along with Ji Chang-wook and Kang Ha-neul attended a press conference for their upcoming musical theater Shinheung Military Academy. He also sent his gratitude towards both actors for looking out for him during the practice. Sunggyu would be Ji Chung-chun, someone who graduated from the Japanese military academy and returned to Korea to lead the independence movement. The musical was held from September 9th to September 23rd, 2018, at the National Museum of Korea’s Theater Yong and went on tour around the nation.

In the middle of the preparation of the musical, Sunggyu wrote a letter to INSPIRITs (INFINITE’s fans). The handwritten letter was posted on INFINITE’s official Twitter account on September 10th, 2018. In the letter, Sunggyu expressed his gratitude towards his fans, especially for supporting his live album SHINE and his upcoming musical Shinheung Military Academy. He also promised to do his best and asked the fans not to forget him. “I’ll be back!” he ended.

Another INFINITE member, Sungjong, went to check on him by attending his musical on September 13th, 2018. He posted a picture on Instagram along with a caption that he missed Sunggyu hyung so much and was impressed by his performance in the musical. He also wrote, “Sunggyu hyung please take care of yourself! Our eternal leader, Sunggyu hyung, love you!” with a heart at the end of it.

The same member shared an update about the leader on February 13th, 2019, through an interview. According to Soompi, he said that when he came to Sunggyu’s musical, they had a chat and he was relieved because the leader seemed to be having a good time there. Both of them coincidentally bought Woohyun’s solo concert tickets for the same date so they decided to go to the concert together.

Meanwhile, Dongwoo revealed that Sunggyu said something to him once when he was out on leave. As cited by Soompi, the leader said, “Trust and follow only me. Because we have to continue INFINITE. You should work hard in the way that you are and come back healthy from your military service, and then let’s bring INFINITE together again.” The leader also told him that it was awkward at first when he entered the military.

During their musical tour, Sunggyu and the rest of the Shinheung Military Academy cast and staff members were involved in a car accident when they were on their way to a performance venue on March 26th, 2019. It was considered as a bad accident due to the broken bus windows and the cast, together with the staff, were taken to the hospital to treat their injuries. As cited by Koreaboo, Woollim Entertainment later gave an update about the artist, “We received the report from the military and the production company and have confirmed Sunggyu has no health problems.” They added to contact the military or the musical production for more information.

Latest News

His latest Instagram post was on May 13th, 2018, after he held his first solo concert titled “SHINE.”


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For now, Sunggyu is still serving in the military, up until January 8th, 2020. He is indeed a remarkable leader, not only with outstanding singing skills but also with skills in acting proven in his several musical theaters. He is quite hilarious with his unique sense of humor as if he was born to do a lot of variety shows. Let’s support the leader and look forward to his comeback in the future!