INFINITE: Their Latest News and Most Recent Comeback

After 2 Years, INFINITE’s Woohyun is Ready To Comeback and Releases a Solo Album!


INFINITE’s Woohyun will soon treat the longing of his fans.

The agency has confirmed that Woohyun will release a second solo album. Reported by Soompi, Woolim Entertainment released an official statement on Monday, August 20th, 2018.

“Woohyun will release his second mini-album, which will be the first comeback in 2 years and 4 months, since Write. The mini-album will be released on September 3rd. Currently, he is busy with Barnum’s musical project: The Greatest Showman. Woohyun said that he is working hard to prepare the solo comeback well,” said the agency.

Two years ago, Woohyun stole the public’s attention with his first solo title track “Nodding.” The song successfully dominated the music streaming charts. Fans are looking forward to his comeback as a solo artist for more than 2 years.

“Woohyun is completing his solo album. He is working hard to show the color of the music, so we hope people will look forward to it,” added the agency.

At the beginning of last year, Woohyun and INFINITE released an album titled Top Seed with a title track “Tell Me.” After INFINITE’s comeback, leader Sunggyu then released a solo album and went to military service. Other INFINITE members are currently preoccupied with their individual schedules.

INFINITE’s Nam Woo-Hyun Will Hold His First Solo Concert!


Nam Woo-Hyun, INFINITE’s member, announced plans to hold his first solo concert. Eight years after his debut, Woohyun finally held his first solo concert titled ‘Arbor Day’ which was scheduled to be held on November 2nd to November 4th.

The concert featured a live band and provided an opportunity for fans to see Woohyun show off his vocal talents as a solo singer, not as an INFINITE member.

Quoted from the Soompi page, on Friday, October 10th, 2018, Woohyun was not only to sing songs from his solo album, but he had also prepared various songs and other performances that focused on his personal charm.

INFINITE’s agency also expressed its response, “Nam Woohyun is currently working hard to prepare the coolest concert, with more substance than before, looking forward to the inaugural solo concert ‘Arbor Day,’ where you will be able to see new and different charms from Woohyun that you won’t be able to see at an INFINITE concert.”

Woohyun has recently made his comeback, by releasing a second solo mini-album titled Second Write.

He is also currently starring in the musical Barnum: The Greatest Showman.

His solo concert titled ‘Arbor Day’ took place on November 2nd to 4th at Blue Square, a place in the Hannam area, Seoul, South Korea.

Finished Filming the Korean Drama Miss Hammurabi, INFINITE’s L is Preparing To Debut As a Solo Singer!


INFINITE’s L has successfully made fans of drama happy. His acting in the drama Miss Hammurabi was very good. This drama finished airing on July 16th, 2018.

After filming, INFINITE’s L has new plans for his career.

Launching, the man, whose real name is Kim Nyung Soo, revealed that he will soon be debuting as a solo singer, on Wednesday, July 18th, 2018. The plan is that he will release a solo album at the end of 2018. But there is still no definitive details about this debut.

“I’m looking for the next project. There are no definite details so far, but I plan to release a solo album this year,” L. said

L only gave some hints about the music genre of his album. He wants to show his abilities on the album. This is because L often sings ballad songs. Most of the songs on the album and his solo at the INFINITE concert are always ballads. On his album, L can freely choose the songs he likes. He was very inspired by Ed Sheeran.

“The songs I sing at INFINITE’s concerts and my songs from INFINITE’s albums are mostly ballads. I want to show more variety on my solo album, and I want to show that I can do that. I have the desire to do something trendy. I want to do something Ed Sheeran did,” said L.

Besides talking about his debut as a solo singer, L also revealed his disappointment with INFINITE members as reported by

He felt that INFINITE members did not support him when acting in Miss Hammurabi. The thing that was far different was done by Woollim Entertainment’s member idol.

“When Kim Sung-Gyu held a solo concert, I sent him a coffee truck, and I went to see another member’s musical theater performance, and when INFINITE members held concerts in Japan, I went to see them. But they did not see me,” said L while laughing.

He openly felt hurt because he did not get support from INFINITE members. However, L is still waiting for the members to react to his acting. But don’t worry, L said it was just a joke.

INFINITE’s L Was Offered To Be An Angel In KBS’s New Drama!


Infinite’s L will soon return to the screen by starring in a drama titled Only One Love. The plan is for the drama to be aired on KBS in May 2019.

Launching the K-Pop Herald, the singer, whose full name is Kim Myung-soo, has been offered to play in the drama but has not made a decision yet.

“The offer to participate in the drama is real. He is considering the character he will play,” said his agency, Woolim Entertainment, as quoted by OSEN.

This romantic genre drama will feature angels and cold-hearted ballerinas. They will develop unusual relationships that will nevertheless be still sweet to witness. L was offered to portray the angelic character, named Dan.

Meanwhile, the female character who is a ballerina, who doesn’t care about love, is planned to be played by Shin Hye-sun.

Earlier this year, L also acted in a drama titled Miss Hammurabi, with Go A-ra playing opposite him. Together with his band, Infinite, he was scheduled to hold a fan meeting on December 30-31.

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