INFINITE: Their Latest News and Most Recent Comeback

Showing Support, L Visits Sunggyu On Celebration Day Complete Basic Military Training

Infinite’s Sunggyu entered the military service on May 14th. Sunggyu announced his plans to enter the military service at his solo concert held on May 7th. When he entered the military service, Sunggyu was not accompanied by the Infinite members because L and the other friends were having an activity in Russia.

Now Sunggyu has completed basic military training. On the celebration day for finishing the basic training on Wednesday, June 27th, Sunggyu received a visit from another Infinite member, L. Twitter Infinite also showed photos of Sunggyu who appeared cool by wearing a complete army uniform with his hat. Sunggyu is also seen wearing a black watch.

Sunggyu is sitting with L in an outdoor chair. They smile at the camera together. L, or the idol whose real name is Kim Myung-Soo, looks relaxed wearing a long-sleeved white shirt combined with a hat, shorts, and black shoes. Kim Myung-Soo even looks more handsome wearing glasses.

On the Infinite Twitter account is written, “Kim Sung-gyu’s 122 number recruitment. Greet INSPIRIT after completing the celebration well. Sincerely, our Gyu has done it well, so don’t worry, our INSPIRIT.” This Infinite Twitter account also released several photos of Sunggyu with L and also their photos with many people.

The Twitter account explained that L, who was busy with his personal schedule, still took the time to visit Sunggyu and show his support. “He’s been busier lately than the others and his schedule is very full today. But he adjusted his schedule and ran to visit the leader,” it was written. It is known that Infinite’s L is currently appearing in the TV series Miss Hammurabi and is competing with Go A-ra and senior actor Sung Dong-Il.

Meanwhile, after completing basic military training, Sunggyu will continue as an active army with his official duties.

L Revealed that Infinite has Adapted To The New Formation During Sunggyu’s military service


Infinite is right now down to 5 members. This happened because Sunggyu is undergoing military service. What’s more, Hoya, one of the original Infinite members, recently chose to leave the band, and the agency, Woolim Entertainment.

During a recent interview, L was asked about the preparations they have made before the fan meeting at the end of the year. L admitted that Infinite had to adapt to the new appearance during Sunggyu’s military service.

“We are doing the choreography now with 5 members (while Sunggyu is undergoing military service). We worked hard while preparing because there were a lot of parts changed,” L. said. “The original choreography has been embedded in me during singing.”

“In some parts, I have a lot of singing high notes,” L said, talking about the part of the song. I’m not a singer with a high note, so I usually don’t sing high notes. I feel depressed and think ‘I have to do my best’.”

The end of 2018 was a busy time for Infinite’s L. In one day, L had to attend the MBC Drama Awards and meet fans on a fan meeting. “Even so, it’s very fun because it’s an official opportunity for us to meet fans as a band,” he added.

During Sunggyu’s military service, in addition to dance changes, L also had to sing some of Sunggyu’s parts. “It seems like I did more than half. But because all of our members are vocalists, we can fill in the blanks. It’s harder to appear after changing the original choreography. It’s very difficult because we have to be in a different place.”

Besides being preoccupied with the band’s schedule, L will also be filming for his new drama titled One and Only Love. The drama is reportedly going to air in May.

“I’ve done historical dramas before, then legal-themed dramas, and now romantic comedies,” he explained. “I want to do a better job because there are a lot of people’s prejudices about how singers turn out to be actors. I want to show the actor’s side ‘Kim Myung-Soo’ to do drama genres like this too. I hope you look forward to it.”

INFINITE’s L Acting Career


Six of The Best Korean Dramas Starring By Kim Myung-soo Or Commonly Known as Infinite’s L

The increasing number of K-Pop idol actors starring in Korean dramas, one of them is Kim Myung-soo aka L from Boy Group ‘Infinite’. The man born on March 13, 1992 is a visual and vocalist in his group. Interestingly, a year after his debut he immediately appeared in his first drama, Jiu, which is a Japanese drama. His career as an actor just flowed. After appearing in Korean drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’, Kim Myung-soo’s pace as an actor has become increasingly unstoppable.

Let’s Check Out Infinite’s L Best Korean Drama!

  • Cunning Single Lady

In 2014 after Kim Myung-soo played young So Ji-sub at The Master’s Sun, he appeared as an actor supporting the romance-comedy ‘Cunning Single Lady’ fronted by Lee Min-jung and Joo Sang-wook. He plays Gil Yo-han, a part-time clerk in the PC Room that Cha Jung-woo (Joo Sang-wook) frequented when he was out of money. When Cha Jung-woo succeeds with his sophisticated application, he brings Gil Yo-han and makes him as his personal secretary.

  • My Lovely Girl
Amino Apps

Still in the same year, Kim Myung-soo is here to strengthen the romantic drama Rain and Krystal who are popular in China. This role is bigger, as a second lead named Shi-woo or Yong-bok, as a member of Famous Boy Group ‘Infinite Power’ from an entertainment agency led by Lee Hyun-wook (Rain), ANA Entertainment. Shi-woo looks arrogant, but he’s gentle with Yoon Se-na (Krystal Jung), a woman who makes her fall in love. He often conflicts with Lee Hyun-wook, both in terms of work and romance.

  • One More Time

After being a cameo in the drama The Time We Were Not in Love, Kim Myung-soo comeback in 2016 by starring in a romantic web drama titled ‘One More Time’. The opponent is the young actress Yoon So-hee. The drama, released exclusively on Netflix, tells Yoo Tan, the leader and indie band vocalist ‘One More Time’, which he formed with his childhood friends. The life of Yoo Tan and his band is increasingly difficult until the unexpected happens: he can return to the past. What will it do?

  • My Catman
Amino Apps

Black Cat or My Catman is described as a light romance-comedy series starring by Im Shi-wan playing the mysterious lead character Ji-baek. Infinite’s L plays the hot top star (essentially himself) Ho-yeon, who has a kind personality and takes special care of the heroine, Mi-oh. That role will be played by Chae Soo-bin, and she’ll get caught up between both boys in a love triangle.

  • The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
Korea Iyaa

The historical-themed drama is Kim Myung-soo’s next choice. He reunited with Yoon So-hee, his co-star in ‘One More Time’. The Emperor stars the lead duo Yoo Seung-ho and Kim So-hyun, while Kim Myung-soo and Yoon So-hee and Heo Joon-ho and Park Chul-min appear as the main supporting actors. This is the story of the young crown prince of Joseon who was required to fight an evil and manipulative group called Pyunsoo-hwe.

  • Miss Hammurabi

Miss Hammurabi is the latest drama series starring by Kim Myung-soo in 2018. He was cast as the leading man accompanying Go Ara. They were still backed up by the appearance of senior actor Sung Dong-il. JTBC’s drama is based on a novel titled the same as the drama, the work of the screenwriter, Moon Yoo-seok. The story centered on the lives of the judges and how they faced various problems in court. Kim Myung-soo plays Im Ba-reun, an elite judge who emphasizes legal principles and complies with laws and regulations.