INFINITE: Their Latest News and Most Recent Comeback

Let’s Get To Know More Closely the South Korean Boy Band INFINITE

INFINITE is a South Korean boy band consisting of 7 people, under the Woolim Entertainment label. The members are Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, Sungjong. INFINITE first appeared on the reality show You Are My Oppa, which aired on Mnet in 2010, before their official debut. INFINITE debuted with the release of their first mini-album titled First Invasion, on June 9th. On January 7th, 2011, they returned with the single “Before the Down (BTD)” from their second mini-album Evolution.

Their first full album, Over the Top, was released on July 21st, 2011, with the title track “Be Mine.” With the song “Be Mine” INFINITE won first place on M! Countdown on September 1st and that week, they won a double crown on the same music program. After the success of “Be Mine,” they released a repackage album from the previous album titled Paradise. The album was launched September 26th, 2011, with the centerpiece single “Paradise.” Not only in Korea, but the group also debuted in Japan on November 19th, with a Japanese version of the song “BTD (Before The Dawn).”

After successfully holding their first concert in Korea, INFINITE members were busy with their respective activities, such as acting and collaborating with other singers. After they were done with their respective activities, they focused on their third mini-album INFINITIZE. The song “The Chaser,” which is part of the album won “Triple Crown” on M! Countdown and won the “Song of the Year” award on the Billboard.

The first sub-unit of INFINITE was named Infinite H with members Dongwoo and Hoya. Then in March, the mini-album A New Challenge was released and the song “Man In Love” successfully stole trophies on 7 different music programs. The second single from the album was launched on July 16th with the title “Destiny.”

On August 30th, 2017, Hoya officially left Infinite, and now the band consists of 6 members, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong.

Without Hoya, INFINITE Finally Makes a Comeback At The End Of The Year

A piece of happy news arrived for the fans of the boy band made by Woollim Entertainment, Infinite. The group of six members, including Sunggyu, L, Woohyun, Sungjong, Dongwoo, and Sungyeol intended to make a comeback before the turn of the year.

Infinite was said to be back with their latest album by the end of 2017. Thus, this marks their first comeback after Hoya decided to leave.

“Infinite has consistently worked to record new songs. They plan to make a definite comeback at the end of the year,” explained a source, as reported by Allkpop.

Information about the return on the K-Pop music stage of the band that performed “Before the Down,” was confirmed by the leader, Sunggyu. In a recent V Live broadcast, Sunggyu revealed that the members had entered the recording kitchen to produce their latest work. Other good news, Sunggyu also confirmed that he had worked on his solo album along with the Infinite album.

“We recorded new music for our upcoming album. I recorded the Infinite album and my solo album,” he said.

Furthermore, Sungjong also revealed the concepts that will be carried on the album later. Most importantly, Sungjong said there will be solo songs from each member on the full album that is to be released later.

“We will release a full album for the first time after all this time. And this contains a solo song from each member,” explained the youngest member. “I want us to try something different this time. I personally want to try something with more appeal. I want us to come back with a track that attracts the public attention,” he continued.

Based on the information gathered, Infinite will comeback after Lovelyz completes the promotion period of the new song in November. Sungyeol and friends’ comeback was actually anticipated by local and international fans.

Delayed Repeatedly, INFINITE Finally Releases Their Comeback Date!


After retreating for more than 6 months, INFINITE finally announced the comeback date.

Previously, at the INFINITE RALLY III fan meeting in Seoul, Sunggyu CS had announced that he would release an album in May. Unfortunately, the leader suffered an injury and the comeback schedule was pushed back until he stumbled on INFINITE’s contract issues with the agency.

The agency then announced that INFINITE will come back before the end of 2017. Even though it was not a comeback, INFINITE planned to greet its fans at the fan meeting titled Begin Again on December 29-31, 2017. This comeback would be INFINITE’s third album.

On Friday, December 22nd, 2017, Woollim Entertainment’s boy band released their teaser. In the teaser photo, there was a leaked comeback album title.

The album’s title is Top Seed and it was released on January 8th, 2018. INFINITE’s previous comeback was on September 19th, 2016. Top Seed will be INFINITE’s first album, released with 6 members. This is after one of its members, Hoya, left INFINITE and Woollim Entertainment to focus more on acting.

INFINITE Releases the ‘Tell Me’ Music Video, Their First Comeback Without Hoya


Infinite released the music video for the single “Tell Me” on Monday, January 8th. “Tell Me” is the centerpiece of Infinite’s latest album titled Top Seed.

“Tell Me” is Infinite’s first comeback without Hoya. Infinite’s Main Dancer decided not to renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment in August 2017.

Hoya’s absence was not very influential in the “Tell Me” music video. Because the music video rarely displays Infinite choreography. Whether intentionally or not, if you remember, Hoya is the person with the best dancing ability among all the other Infinite members.

“Tell Me” music video focuses more on beautiful visualization. An unusual camera layout accompanied by a maze-like location design dominates the video clip. Spectators are increasingly spoiled through purple and pink colors throughout the music video.

In terms of music, “Tell Me” shows a new side of Infinite. This boy band shows a dramatic and stomping style that is their trademark. “Tell Me” brings a more relaxed feel even though it still has electronic music that is pretty common for Infinite.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu Announces Joining the Military Service On May 14th, At His Solo Concert

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The leader and main vocalist of the South Korean boy band, Infinite, Sunggyu, surprisingly announced that he would be taking part in the military service program, starting on May 14th, 2018.

At the last performance of his solo concert titled ‘Shine’ on Monday, May 7th, Sunggyu revealed his plans to join the military service. In front of his fans, the Control singer said he would carry out his country’s duties starting next week.

“Sunggyu recently received a [military service] and now plans to start his country’s service as an active soldier on May 14th, 2018,” said the agency representative who oversees Sunggyu, Woollim Entertainment when asked by Osen for confirmation (via Naver).

It is not yet known whether Sunggyu will carry out promotional activities on the weekends of the military service. He just completed a solo concert schedule on May 5-7 at the Grand Peace Palace Kyunghee University, Seoul, South Korea.

Sunggyu recently released his first full solo album titled 10 Stories, with the main song “True Love.” Previously, he had released a mini-album titled Another Me in 2012, and 27 in 2015.

Last year, he just finished his work in the theater after playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Amadeus (2018) and playing Young Age Myung Woo in Gwanghamun Sonata (2017-2018).

Born in 1989, Sunggyu became the first Infinite member who has decided to join the military service. Previously, the boy band member had planned to join the military service at an earlier time, but it seems that the plan was not implemented.

However, Sunggyu’s decision was welcomed by the public. Many gave encouragement and prayed that this man from Jeonju could finish his job for two years well and return healthy.

“I always have a deep and sincere impression of Sunggyu. Don’t get hurt, serve the country well! I will wait for you!” a netizen wrote in Osen’s comment column.

“This is really the typical way of announcing Sunggyu. Without decoration, without excitement. The next week is really fast!” wrote another netizen.

“Sunggyu is good at reading people, so he will be fine,” added another.

“The best way to remain a popular figure is to join as an active army to free [military service]. Sunggyu is a talented vocalist with an exceptional variety of skills, so I hope when he is free, he will be as active as possible. I am not an Infinite fan but I always think the sound is very sweet and I support them because of that,” wrote a netizen in the article column.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu Begins To Carry Out Military Service

The leader and main vocalist of the South Korean boy band, Infinite, Sunggyu, is reported to have started a mandatory military program on Monday, May 14th.

According to the Xports News report, Sunggyu was seen entering the 22nd Infantry Division recruitment training center at 13.15 local time. The man from Jeonju expressed his desire to enter the gate calmly, so he didn’t stop at all for the interview.

However, Sunggyu took the time to greet the fans who were waiting for him, waving and saying, “Thank you.”

Currently, all other Infinite members are in Russia for an event. Therefore, Sunggyu entered the training center accompanied only by his agency staff from Woollim Entertainment.

Sunggyu will get basic military training for five weeks, then continue with the task of serving as an active soldier for around 20 months. The “True Love” singer is scheduled to be discharged from the military program on February 13th, 2020.

On Sunday, May 13th, Sunggyu uploaded a photo taken after his solo concert titled “Shine” at Grand Peace Palace Kyunghee University, Seoul, South Korea. The photo shows his close relationship with all Woollim Entertainment artists and officials.

“The times are very precious that I cannot forget,” Sunggyu wrote in his photo caption.

Last week, Sunggyu surprisingly announced that he would be enlisting for his military service after singing the last song at his solo concert.

“Sunggyu recently received a [military service] summons and now plans to start his country’s service as an active soldier on May 14,” said agency representative who oversees Sunggyu, Woollim Entertainment when asked by Osen for confirmation (via Naver).